Everyday Profits System Introduction


Sgt Howard reviews Everyday Profits System

Hi Bloggers,

My name is Howard and I’m 40 years old, live in the North West and have 25 years betting experience.  I have always taken a keen interest in Betting particularly Horse Racing.  I only recently turned Professional a couple of years ago.  I have plenty of experience in both Backing, Laying and Trading.

The System

Everyday Profits System is a horse racing win backing betting system explained on a 15 page PDF.   I have to admit it didn’t inspire me with confidence when the image attached for a horse racing betting system is that of show jumping and the PDF is not particularly well written, though the profits quoted are excellent.   The PDF of fifteen pages sticks to the system and does not contain the often 10 pages of how to place a bet on Betfair or the like.  I will be testing the system on UK and Irish Horse Racing as this is what is advised.   I’m not sure how long this system will take to operate at this stage because it involves following live racing and is a stop at a profit system.


Everyday Profits System can be bought via click bank (with a 60 day money back guarantee) or PayPal for a total cost of £70.80 including VAT.

System requirements

To operate Everyday Profits System you’ll only need access to Betfair and the internet and be available during afternoons racing.

Staking Plan and Betting Bank.

I will only be operating one betting bank and using the authors advised staking plan of 100pt betting bank and betting  1pt to start then with 50% stake increases on any following bet (so second bet would be 1.5pts).   Because of the nature of the system I cannot operate a level stakes betting bank for comparison.

All bets will be placed at Betfair SP with commission set at 5%.


Review updates

I intend to do updates daily / or every 2-3 days during the review.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days.

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Sgt Howard reviewing Everyday Profits System