Exchange Profits Introduction

15th April 2016

Exchange Profits


Sgt Colin – Introduces Exchange Profits


I will be reviewing the Exchange Profits service, which is a straightforward tipping service from “The Barking Dog”, apparently based upon insider information. This is delivered via the Bet Kudos website, and selections are available on the website, and emailed to subscribers, with an SMS alert available to your phone.

The stated aim is to achieve long term betting profits on the exchanges, and recommends using Betfair & WBX for staking and lay purposes.

The starting bank is recommended at 300 points, and I will be monitoring performance using recommended stakes against that bank, and also level stakes using a 100 point opening bank.

I will be posting results for 56 days, starting 15th April, and for a further 4 weeks if we are in positive territory at that point. Results on the Bet Kudos proofing pages look good, so let’s hope that is reflected during the trial.

The quarterly subscription is £98, following a £30 initial month.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Introduces Exchange Profits