First Favourite Introduction

 08 June 2014


Sgt Short – Introduces First Favourite

Hello again and welcome to my latest review.

This one promises to be a lot easier than most of the reviews I have done, because Mel Gee (the man behind First Favourites) is extremely careful about making his selections, to such an extent that in 2014 so far there have been on average less than one bet every two days. This is because he wants to keep his strike rate very high. I have analysed the results from his web site from January to May. There have been 38 winners from the 71 bets, a strike rate of 53.52%. This combined with his recommended staking plan should make us good long term profits, enough to leave the bookies crying he says.

This (like all tipster services I suppose) is aimed at those of us who are not willing or able to do the work involved in picking our own winners. He is offering us a proven approach which he has perfected over many years. He believes that if we stay disciplined and follow his advice exactly we can’t lose in the long run.

The staking plan involves betting 10% of the bank on each bet. The bank is updated after each day and increased if appropriate, but we don’t bet less than 10% of the original bank. We then take out some profit on a regular basis. Mel suggests when the bank approximately doubles. Looking at the results page, we would loosely look at the bank monthly and take our profit or top up if necessary. If we manage to double our bank before the end of the month, we take the profit now. If things go well we will decide whether to take all the profits or increase the bank.

An email is sent daily with the selections, or informing us that there are none. Selections are also available on the members area of the web site, as are the results.

The cost of the service is £47.00 plus VAT per month. Unusually there are no cheaper options available for longer periods. Membership will be restricted to 250. An unconditional 60 day money back guarantee is offered and signup is through clickbank.

Sunday is a no-bet day so I will be reporting weekly on activity from Monday to Saturday, starting today. I will use a £100 starting bank and will use the odds quoted by Mel on the email. As we are betting on favourites I will try to get my bet on as early as possible with a BOG bookmaker. Although Mel specifies his staking plan we here at BST always like to know what would happen at level stakes, so I will add this as a note each week.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see First Favourite]


Sgt Short Introduces First Favourite