Fisher Roulette Software Day’s 41 to 45

Hi Bloggers,

The last 5 days results for the software as follows:

Casino 1. (betvoyager no zero)

1767 spins  545 wins  no losses (300 min)

P/L =  + 545 pts

New bank =  + 3738 pts

Overall flat stake profit =  + 1738 pts or 86.9% of starting bank after 45 days.

Casino 2. (bet365)

wipeout   – 2000 pts

Have still no answer on what casino’s the author is using so will not be wasting

my time testing on a ‘live’ casino with a high max bet limit until I find out that

specific info.

Over to you Johan!!

All the best, Tommy.         (click here to see fisher roulette software..)