Fisher Roulette Software- Introduction

Hi Bloggers,

Just a quick intro to my 2nd new review of the week.

So I am going to be testing the ‘Fisher roulette software’ for hopefully the next

few weeks and see how we go. I will start with a very small bank of $20 and bet

0.01 cents as my starting stake.  The author recommends the betvoyager casino

where you can bet this amount so that is where I will start.

The PDF file explains exactly what the system is and also exactly how much to bet

each time and the instructions are extremely easy to follow. In fact you just

have to follow exactly what the software tells you to do!

There is also the option to buy the ‘Fisher Roulette Strategy’ which explains in detail

how to go from a bank of just $40 to placing $25 bets with a bankroll of $8000!

There is also a list of 50 casinos where you can get started which I will try to get

around to using as we continue the review.

I will start out with an hours play and see how we get on from there.

Let’s hope for the ‘holy grail’ of roulette systems!!

All the best, Tommy.                (Click here to see the fisher roulette software…)