Good Evening Sergeants!

I shall start reviewing the Flat Ratings Pro tipping system today on this afternoon’s racing.

The creator of the ratings is Steve Ransford, who trained as an accountant and now makes his living from gambling. He has reported making a profit of 151 points during his ‘summer campaign’ but this review will report on his winter All Weather Campaign. This runs until 31 March 2011 and costs £119.99, inclusive of early morning daily emails with tips which only take five minutes to place. There is no in between with this price, it is 31 March 2011 only.

This is a backing system using Betfair, or if preferred, any bookmaker who gives Best Price Guaranteed odds. A 100-point bank is recommended with a one point stake on each selection, with a number of selections in the given race.  A strike-rate of 25% is needed, that is a win from every four races, to make a profit. I understand you will receive an early morning email containing the most effective race then the top-rated horses in that race and a value price advised. That price can be rounded down to Betfair prices, which should be placed as early as possible to be close to the value price. A spreadsheet containing the day’s selections will be attached to the daily email.

 On the face of it, a simple enough procedure which requires very time and little effort on the part of the investor – a five-minute window in the morning seems easily achievable (I do like a scheme which does not take up your whole afternoon). What I will be interested in is whether or not the costs involved are justifiable, now getting on for £40 a month, although offset with a 151-point profit during the summer.

Time will tell.

Sergeant John

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