Follow The Fortunes – Introduction

Hello Bloggers,

My name is Ian Morris and James has asked me to conduct the review of the Sportworld product, Follow The fortunes authored by Roger Purssord.  For those unfamilar with my good self, i am also conducting a review of Footballing Prophets and a brief “About Me” can be found there.

So onto the system itself.  When you purchase you are given 3 options to choose from:

Option 1

Buy the full system for a £95 one off payment.  You will recieve a 6 page E-book which tells you how to get the selections and what information to use.  You also get 1 months access to an on-line service, this is where you download the daily race sheet which highlights the possible races for that day.  You are then tasked with re-checking each race 5 mins before the off for selections that meet the filtering process.

Option 2

A subscription based service costing £50pm.  For this you get login details to a seperate website, where Roger has a live feed so that you can follow the bets step by step.  This does however mean you have to spend significant ammounts of time in front of your PC, so options 1 & 2 are not for the wokers amongst us.  You are required to sign up for a minimum of one month, upon the 3rd month you will automatically receive the information outlined in Option 1.

Option 3

This option provides the opportunity to have all your bets placed automatically via an independant auto bot.  To receive this option you must subscribe to option 2 above and also pay an upgrade fee of £25pm for use of the software.  So that makes this option £75pm, which is quite hefty!!  This option is of course best for the people who either work or do not have the time or inclination to spend so much time at their computers.

For the purpose of this trial i will be using option 3.  I will not be downloading the software as we have not been given access to it, even though it was requested.  The good news is though that we don’t need it!  The reason being that the software they use comes from a reputable source who load the selections on to a website for each service that uses this particular piece of kit.  This service is totally independant from Sports World and Roger Purssord, neither can inffluence the results on this webpage.  The results are shown win or lose as they are downloaded directly from the end customer.  The odds used are an average price of all customers currently using Follow The Fortunes.

The trial wil start tomorrow and will run every day for 30 days, following that i will provide a weekly update for another 8 weeks.

[Click here to see Follow The Fortunes…]

Kind Regards

Ian Morris