Football Dutching System Introduction

10th September 2017


Sgt Eddie Introduces  Football Dutching System (Method 1)



Paula has asked me to take a look at this football dutching system, and for those not familiar with dutching it means that we back more than one outcome to ensure we still make a profit.

This system comes from a guy called Chris Williams and according to Chris he makes a typical profit of 6% to 15% on his winning bets, and a strike rate of 95%.

I have watched the videos explaining how the system works and which markets in Betfair to use, and its all pretty simple to follow.

All I need to do now is get 95% of my games to be correct and we will be making a profit.

I will update the review each Sunday night with a list of the games I have used and the profit or loss situation.

I will be using a £100 bank and staking £10 per game as Chris says that £100 should be sufficient.

Lets hope that next Sunday I can report a profit, until then be lucky.


 If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.

Sgt Eddie Reviews Football Dutching System