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Fellow Punters

The football season is back and so is the number one Football Tipping Service on the internet – The Football Maestro Membership Package! If you want to be in that elite group of punters… and if you’re reading this right now, then I suggest you keep reading because you are going to end up with THOUSANDS of pounds in profit by the end of this season!

Football Maestro 2009/10


Note From Admin

Hi guys i followed this service last year and although i lost track i thought for £39 for the season the summary of the weeks games were worth that! And the tips weren’t to shabby either.

I have had quite a lot of emails concerning this service and with Stephen’s permission we are trialing it on the blog.

Ther eis a £100 – £5000 challenge which will be interesting to watch and Stephens normal service.


End of Trial

Football Maestro Trial has now ended and unfortunately Failed this 1 month review.

1 Month is not always a true reflection of any service long term. However i can say that all selections were sent out in good time and whenever there was any queries Stephen was fast to get back to me and sort out any problems. Although this ends up in the failed section the service should be trialed for a longer period.

Maestro Bank = 548.33 or (-451.67 points)

100 to 5000 Bank = 77.23 or (-22.77 points)

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