Football Money Maker – Method 1 Introduction

28th February 2018






Sgt Mack Introduces Football Money Maker – Method 1



Hello and welcome to the introduction of the Football Money Maker Method 1, there is a Method 2 that is available but for the purposes of this review I will be monitoring Method 1

This system comes from Chris Williams with a very high strike rate and a return on investment of typically between 6 – 15%

I have already watched the video which is a downloadable WMV file and it’s just over 61 minutes in length and thoroughly explains everything about the system even going into placing the bets on Betfair with an example bet.

The price for this system is a non – refundable price of £37.00.

I will update the review on a weekly basis and with this review starting midweek I will do the first weekly review this Sunday evening and then every Sunday evening thereafter.

Chris advises to use 5% of your betting bank, then when you are more accustomed to the system to increase it to 10%, if you so wish. I shall start for the first 4 completed reviews (4 weeks) with 5% then thereafter increase it to 10% of the betting bank.

I will be using a £100 bank and staking £5 per match on the first week, then increasing or decreasing this in line with the 5% of the betting bank on a weekly basis until the 4 weeks have elapsed, then it will be 10% of the betting bank as it stands at that time again this will increase or decrease in line with the betting bank.

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Sgt Mack Reviews Football Money Maker – Method 1