Football Money Maker – Method 1 Review Week 10

9th May 2018






Sgt Mack Reviews Football Money Maker – Method 1

Please note that due to the shortage of matches using Method 1 I have also incorporated Method 1 B into this review as well.

Well for the 2nd week running we are hitting another losing week. I missed Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and there was a small selection of bets throughout the other days but Saturday once again had the maximum that I personally allow of 25. In total there were 38 selections and 3 losses all of which happened on the Saturday!!! This gives us a 92.10% Strike Rate. I will be taking  next week off as I have a lot happening at the moment. So I will be back on either Sunday 20th May or Monday 21st May.

Here are the results: In brackets is the total figure

TOTAL MATCHES:  38  (618)

TOTAL WINS:  35  (578)

TOTAL LOSSES:  3  (40)

STRIKE RATE:  92.10%  (93.52%)


PROFIT/LOSS:  -£14.09  (+£46.14)

NEW BANK:  £146.14

NEW 10% STAKE:  £14.60  This figure is always rounded downwards.




Sgt Mack Reviews Football Money Maker – Method 1