Footy Multiplier Introduction

28th January 2017






Sgt Smithy – Introduces Football Multiplier

I’m Sgt. Smithy and this is my second review here on Betting System Truths.

I’ve been involved in sports betting and trading for several years. In that time, I’ve seen highs and lows from my own methods and from analysing other betting systems. I firmly believe that there is plenty of value in sports betting if you’re willing to put the work in to find it. Luckily for us, there are tipping services like Footy Multipliers available to do the research for us.

There’s limited information on the website in general, a single page focuses largely on the methodology and results from a recent weekend. The results are shown as a screenshot from the weekend of the 13th-15th of January showing how Footy Multipliers managed to turn £30 into £1031.14.

The only other real information is an email address for contacting the tipster (Luke) and there’s a link to pay for the service. Personally, I would like to see a long history of results so we know how long the system has been running for and profit made so far, with additional figures for ROI, profitability and yield. There isn’t any prior data for Footy Multipliers on their website so we can’t refer to a reported ROI, profitability or yield. We will conclude our own values from this review.

The website lists the price as £20 per week, although if you click through to the payment page, I’ve noticed that VAT is added on afterwards so the actual price payable is £24. Payment is made through clickbank and so it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the service for any reason. This service also comes with a roll-over guarantee; any weekend that doesn’t result in a profit is compensated by the next weeks tips being provided free of charge.

The system is based around the weekend league games with 3 distinct parts. The first part sees 3 early bets of £10 each aimed at building a bankroll for the rest of the weekend. All of the profit and stakes from this part are reinvested into the second round which involves bets with higher returns. The goal is to end up with the original £30 stake and some extra profit which can be banked. The remainder can be further reinvested in the third round which aims to win a large amount.

Luke also posts a 3pm accumulator on league games which isn’t based around the main system and should be bankrolled separately, with stakes of 0.5 points advised.

All of the previous tips involve games from the UK, primarily from the premier league. The bookies are incredibly accurate at analysing the biggest matches such as in the Premier league so to find value in these games, particularly with multiples is difficult and our tipster will have to be extremely good at making winning selections.

Tips are provided by email in advance of the game. Odds are advised but it’s not mentioned where the odds are available. I will use an independent odds comparing website to find the best odds for the matches and maximise returns.

I’ll be following the suggested staking structure from Footy Multipliers. There’s not an advised bank so I will assume a bank of £1000. Alongside this I will also use a flat 1 point staking system with a 100 point bank as is policy with all of our reviews.

The profitability of the service will be determined by our betting bank balance at the end of the reviewing period. In order to be deemed a successful and profitable service, I would expect the service to pay for itself and to provide a significant return on top.

Weekly updates will be published after every weekend of league games. I look forward to following the service for between 8 and 12 weeks and I hope you’ll keep checking back every week to see how we’re progressing.

They are offering a free trial for a limited time only [click here for access]

[Click here to see Footy Multiplier ]

Regards, Sgt 

Sgt Smithy Introduces Footy Multiplier