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Review Manager Rich Reviews Form Labs

I did a one-off review of the software in November. Now as promised, I am starting off a 56-day (8-week) review using the data provided by the software.

There are two aspects here, one is the quality of the software and data presented. This was what my software review covered and I gave it a pass of 4.5 stars – frankly the software is brilliant! For a footie fan like myself, who also likes to bet on the sport, the software is a dream come true! But the second aspect is how skillfully one can use the software and whether it is possible to turn the info into profit. This is what this review is an attempt to measure.

I have devised some strategies/systems for using the software and will conduct a 56-day on-going review to see how feasible it is to make a profit from the software. Inevitably this will be dependent upon my skill in using the mass of data that the software provides. As far as possible I want my use of the software to be fixed, so that you, the reader, can also apply the same selection criteria for any strategy that I find to be profitable. The software is not cheap, so I really want to do my best to set you up to duplicate any success that I have.

So what is Form Labs? It is a football analysis program. It comes in three versions: A “Lite” version for pre-match betting; a “Pro” version that also includes in-play betting; and a “Black” version that adds advanced analysis tools. You can try any of the versions on a FREE 28-day trial.

I have devised a strategy for each of the versions. Let’s hope we have a successful, profitable system for each version! As I said in my software review: “Form Labs is a serious bit of kit and to some extent the value to you will depend on how skillfully you use the tools. Even the “Lite” version will put you way ahead of most football punters.”

As the sales page says “The better informed you are the more likely you are to turn a profit. It’s that simple.”

At first the software seems daunting in terms of the extent of the data and features. The Intro Webinars and on-line help will ease you through this learning curve. Don’t rush this if you want to get value for money and if you want to fully appreciate how to use the software to your advantage.

You can see my software review here and see why I gave the software a rating of Labs

For the Lite version (costs £25 a month or £225 for 12 months after your initial FREE 28 days) I will test the “Game Notes” of the software – this will lead to one bet per match which I believe any user could also find. As a sub-test of this system, I will note any 2.5 goal bets that are reported historically have shown a profit on the Form Labs sales page (Serie A Under 2.5 goals; La Liga Over & Under 2.5 goals; Premiership Over & Under 2.5 goals; Bundesliga Under 2.5 goals)

For the Pro version (costs £45 a month or £395 for 12 months after your initial FREE 28 days) I will test one particular in-play query. There are an almost infinite number of possible queries you could ask the software database. The Pro version allows for in-play queries – again no limit to your queries. In order to test a system that you, the reader, can replicate, I am going to test a half-time query, where I will enter the half-time match situation and choose as my bet, a “value” bet (*see note below) that is indicated, given the half-time situation. So I will call this strategy “Half-time in-play query”.

For the Black version of the software (costs £150 a month, £300 a quarter or £1,000 for 12 months after your initial FREE 28 days) I will test the fantastic “live logic” feature. Again there are many, many ways you could use the software. To make it possible for our readers to copy I will consult the Live Logic at the 60th minute of the match and place a bet based upon the statistical prediction given at that time.

For each of these three there may be some variation one user to another, but I hope my review will be representative of what can be achieved.

*Note: A useful feature of the queries is that the statistical odds of an outcome, based upon past form, is shown. You can compare these odds against the current Betfair odds, so you can look for “value” when selecting the bet.

If I succeed with any of these tests, I hope that any of our readers would also be able to do the same. If any or all of these tests fail – then that is a reflection only of my relatively rigid systems and a reflection of my skill in interpreting the software data at the time I devised these systems. Someone more skilled than me could, no doubt, find a profitable angle.

So here we go. The results I give will be for “Game Notes” (Lite Version); “Half-Time In-Play” (Pro Version); “60 Minute Live Logic” (Black Version). All results will be to Betfair odds available at the time, with 5% Commission deducted. I will have a starting bank for each system of £100 and £10 stakes. For Lay bets my liability will be £10. I will report weekly each Friday, as football basically runs on a weekly cycle.

At the end of the review I will also report the P/L achieved, during the review period, from the Recommendations in the Daily Reports. (See the software review for a description of these).

Review Manager Rich

See the sales page that compares all the three versions of Form Labs here…

Review Manager Rich Reviewing Form Labs