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Remember these are just example systems using the FormLabs software. You could develop whatever system you wanted.

Briefly, this is a software database that uses past results to find bets for upcoming fixtures. I am running a test system for each of the three available versions.

The results I give are for “Game Notes” (Lite Version); “Half-Time In-Play” (Pro Version); “60 Minute Live Logic” (Black Version). All results are to Betfair odds available at the time, with 5% Commission deducted. I have a starting bank for each system of £100 and £10 stakes. For Lay bets my liability is approximately £10.

Not as many games were analysed this week, due to other commitments. You do need to be by the computer to do in-play analysis for the Pro and Black versions and even if you are, it can be difficult to check matches at half-time (if you are also doing other things) and it can be particularly difficult to do an analysis at the 60 minute point in games.

With less commitments and more application to using the software, I’m sure more profit could be made.

I was asked ths week if I was using any selection “filters” for the Lite version and if a purchaser will get the same bets. Here s my rather long answer:

Yes what I said in the Intro more or less covers it “I will test the “Game Notes” of the software – this will lead to one bet per match which I believe any user could also find. As a sub-test of this system, I will note any 2.5 goal bets that are reported historically to have shown a profit on the Form Labs sales page (Serie A Under 2.5 goals; La Liga Over & Under 2.5 goals; Premiership Over & Under 2.5 goals; Bundesliga Under 2.5 goals)”

I would add that the software produces “notes” so there is sometimes more than one suggestion. I usually pick the most obvious of the choices. but the odds do play a part. If the obvious notes choice is a home win at 1.20 – I wouldn’t usually pick it, but the notes might also suggest a HT/FT H/H bet which would be at better odds. Odds of about 1.33 is about as low as I would go.

But I don’t really add too much choice into it. Towards the end of the season, I have been checking that the teams still have something to play for – either a relegation struggle or play-off/euro qualification to play for. If the teams are both mid-table with no incentive, then it makes sense to avoid the match!

Usually the bet to place is obvious from the notes. But it is an art rather than an exact science and the improvement that I’ve had since 24th March, I would put down to using more discrimination as outlined here.

For example for tonight’s German match says: “1st goal: FSV Mainz have scored first in 7/10 home matches while Wolfsburg have lost 10/14 away matches. Wolfsburg have lost by two or more goals in 10/14 away matches.”

So the choice would be Mainz to score first, but both teams are md table with nothing to play for – so it is no bet.

I think the more you use the software, if you monitor your results, the better you will get at skillfully using the software. It is not, I’m afraid, exact. The purpose of this review was to prove if it was possible to use the sofftware to make profit, which I have done. I think anyone else could replicate this, but some individual choices may be different.

One thing that I will be reviewing in my Final review is the effect of filtering out the bets reported where the odds were 2.0 or above.But that will have to wait until the end of the review.

Game Notes, not much progress this week. The matches marked with an asterix * denote selections that fit the 2.5 goal system described on the Form Labs sales pages. I’ll summarise them at the end of the review.

Form Labs Lite
Game Notes
Week 9

£100 Start
Date Match Bet Odds Stake P/L Net Balance

£0.00 £355.30

West Brom Home 2.22 £10.00 £12.20 £11.59 £366.89

*Hamburg Under 2.5 2.08 £10.00 £10.80 £10.26 £377.15

*Leverkusen Over 2.5 1.70 £10.00 £7.00 £6.65 £383.80

*Schalke Under 2.5 2.28 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £373.80

Bayern HT/FT H/H 1.99 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £363.80

*Real Madrid Over 2.5 1.26 £10.00 £2.60 £2.47 £366.27

Levante HT Away 1.60 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £356.27

Day Total £0.97 £356.27
15/04/12 Espanyol Home Score First 2.00 £10.00 £10.00 £9.50 £365.77

Ajax HT/FT H/H 1.33 £10.00 £3.30 £3.14 £368.91

Mgladbach Home Win 1.53 £10.00 £5.30 £5.04 £373.94

Real Betis HT Draw 2.30 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £363.94

*Malaga Over 2.5 1.65 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £353.94

Man U HT/FT H/H 1.67 £10.00 £6.70 £6.37 £360.31

*R Vallecano Over 2.5 1.73 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £350.31

Day Total -£5.97 £350.31
20/04/12 Dukla Prague Home Score First 1.58 £10.00 £5.80 £5.51 £355.82

Day Total £5.51 £355.82

Half-Time In-Play: Just two bets this week – nice profit.

Form Labs Pro
Half-Time In-Play
Week 9

£100 Start
Date Match Bet Odds Stake P/L Net Balance

£0.00 £169.16

Horsens Under 2.5 1.84 £10.00 £8.40 £7.98 £177.14

Rayo Vallecano Under 2.5 1.32 £10.00 £3.20 £3.04 £180.18

Week Total £11.02 £180.18

60 Minute Live Logic: Two bets with a small profit this week.

Form Labs Black
60′ Live Logic
Week 9
£100 Start
Date Match Bet Odds Stake P/L Net Balance

£0.00 £226.95

Malaga Over 2.5 1.45 £10.00 -£10.00 -£10.00 £216.95
20/04/12 Dukla Prague Over 4.5 2.30 £10.00 £13.00 £12.35 £229.30

Week Total £2.35 £229.30

Summary of Results:

“Game Notes” (Lite Version)

Start Bank: £100

This week’s P/L: £0.52

Running Balance: £355.82

“Half-Time In-Play” (Pro Version)

Start Bank: £100

This week’s P/L: £11.02

Running Balance: £180.18

“60 Minute Live Logic” (Black Version)

Start Bank: £100

This week’s P/L: £2.35

Running Balance: £229.30

See the sales page that compares all the three versions of Form Labs here…

Rich Reviewing Form Labs