Goal Power Day 34


19th September 2014

Sgt Short – Reviews Goal Power

Day 34 – 18 September 2014

With only the rather unpredictable Europa League to go at, this is our first no bet day.

Also we have a message from Goal Power today that Svend is not well and will be taking a few days off to recover. I will recommence the review when he returns.



We have had further news from Goal Power


Hi everyone,  John here again.

Thanks to so many of you who’ve written in over the weekend to wish Svend well, and sorry if I was unable to respond to you personally.

Unfortunately Svend’s condition is much worse than I thought when I last wrote to you on Friday. I had just spoken to his wife on the phone, but the overseas connection was rather poor and her English is not great.

I thought she had said that he was quite sick but should be back to work on Monday, but I learned this morning that he’s actually suffered a heart attack and may be returning home from hospital on Monday.

This certainly came as a shock, as though Svend is 48 he’s a former (lower league) professional footballer and completed a half-marathon just a couple of weeks ago, but fitness aside there can be all sorts of contributing factors to heart trouble and I don’t know what caused it in his case.

As I’m sure you understand, in a situation like this health has to come first and Svend will need to take a leave of absence from Goal Power while he recovers. At this point I just don’t know how long Svend will need before he’s able to return to work – it could be 2 weeks, a month, or possibly even more.


I would like to add our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thank you for your time, we will hopefully continue when Svend returns.

[Click here to see Goal Power] Regards,

Sgt Short Reviews Goal Power