Golden Key Method 2 Updated – Introduction

Golden Key Method 2 Updated

December 31st 2012

Sgt George Introduces  Golden Key Method 2 Updated

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My name is George Burton i am 43 years old , i live in London i have 2 children a boy and a girl.  Now i have been following horse racing methods and systems for around 20 years when i was given the chance to review GKM2 updated i did not hesitate although i was some what concerned that the previous review was carried out by Sgt Dave who was a bit of a legend in BST history, anyway i will do my best to provide you folks with the best review i can do.

From the same stable as All By The Book comes the Golden Key Method 2, the original Golden Key was launched in 2008 now this made money but was restricted because at that time there was only 2 bookmakers that the method could use and not any bots that could be used either. So onto the new version Golden Key Method 2 updated this is Version 6 it has 9 bookmakers it can use now and a choice of bots to make life easier, it comes with 5 variants of the method. Now variants 3, 3L15 and 4 use Betfair but as is mentioned in the manual these are absolutely nowhere near as profitable as Variants 1 and 2 and for the purpose of this review i shall concentrate on the latter two. About an hour of your time maybe more is required depending on the amount of races, starting around 11:30am to 12 noon for this time of year, subject to when racing is due to start. It is also mentioned in the manual that sometimes the markets are slow to form so it might be necessary on occasions to do several sweeps of the meetings if you have a shortage of selections. On Variant 1 you place your bets on a Bot or follow the races live its up to you, with Variant 2 you have to follow the races live as this is active trading around a minute before the off. Besides the bookies accounts you also need to have a Betfair account, as regards betting bank the website indicates 100 points, although i would suggest you need to have a top up bank in reserve.  You would probably have to put some time aside in the evening just to check on the status of your betting accounts and do some money management this is where a top up bank would come in useful, as you would not want to make continuous withdrawals from the bookmakers. So is this the same method as All By The Book?, the answer is no, but it does have insurance built into limit losses to minimize risk.

Currently Golden Key Method 2 is priced at 87 pounds so what do you get for your money well a manual through an exe file in which you have to send an e-mail to get a product key to unlock it although this may seem a pain it is to stop pirating. There is no padding, all the Variants are discussed and examples shown also how to use LaybotPro and Fairbot with the method. There is also a link to a resources page which is very useful it has 5 videos on how to use the method and covers the different variants, download link for a spreadsheet which not only keeps a record of your bets but works out P/L for all variants, there is also a video on how to use the spreadsheet as well, other items on the resource page are links to the Bots, Bestbetting, Oddschecker, Arb cruncher plus a couple more.

So what about profits as per the website well there was no overall figures only monthly breakdowns but i have calculated that from May 2010 to August 2012 (There was 2 months missing) a profit of around 1689 points was made to 1 point stakes on Variation 1. For Variation 2 for the same period 1598 points profit if we divide the figures by the 26 months of results Variation 1 averages 65.31 points profit per month and for Variation 2 a profit of 61.46 points per month. Just to give you the difference in profit levels between Variations 1 and 2 and the Betfair Variants the best of the Betfair ones was Variant 4 which made 279 points in 23 months that equates to a profit of 12.13 points per month average. To be honest there was not a lot in it as regards the Betfair Variants just a few points so the average monthly profit would be around 12 points for all of them. I understand that the results for the months of September, October, and November 2012 will be added to the website soon. Looking at the results Variations 1 and 2 have not had a losing month although there was one month when Variation 1 only made 3.52 points profit the lowest achieved by Variation 2 was 20.65 points so it appears a bit more balanced than the other Variant but we shall see.

For the purpose of this review i shall be using Variants 1 and 2 , and giving the number of selections and recording P/L from the worksheet provided, the starting bank for both will be 100 points Variation 1 will use 1 point level stakes of course Variation 2 being a trading approach points stakes will vary. Please folks do not ask me to name selections or odds because i cannot, otherwise it would compromise the method and i have no wish to fall out with the author /publisher over this. Anyway i believe the principle of the method is sound enough, but lets see what happens over the next 56 or 84 days of the review, i shall commence the review on the 1st of January 2013. Have a Happy New Year everyone.

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Sgt George Introduces  Golden Key Method 2 Updated