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Golden Soccer Star

Sgt Rob Reviewing Golden Soccer Star

Dear all,

I am reviewing Golden Soccer Star, a product from the Steve Davidson stable.


Golden Soccer Star is for betting in the Correct Score market – either with online bookies or the exchanges – for selected games.

Games are selected by using a simple rule in the Golden Soccer Star manual.  Alternatively selections are emailed to you by Steve – this email service is at an additional cost, and is only available to people who have purchased the Golden Soccer Star product.

If you are manually making your own selections, you go through the leagues that you want to bet on, and use a head to head comparison site on the internet (link given to you in the product) and apply your rule.  Then you use 2 different odds comparison sites (again, links provided) to find out the best odds available for each correct score that we are going to bet on.

The leagues covered by the selections email are : English Premier, Scottish Premier, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera, Italy Serie A and the UEFA Champions League.

Placing Bets

As mentioned earlier, once you have manually shortlisted your selections (or received the email), you then bet each match using either 5 pre-defined correct scores or 4…Betting only 4 involves dropping one of the 5 correct scores in an attempt to improve profitability and Return On Investment –  see Past Performance section below.

Having used the odds comparison sites, you should be in the best position to maximise the profit on the 5 (or 4) correct score selections you have.

Bets are placed at level stakes – there are no reasons why you couldn’t dutch them or use progressive staking.

When looking at odds on the Exchanges (Betfair, Betdaq etc), I will subtract 5% from the price to reflect the bog-standard commission charged.

Also if people use the exchanges, bear in mind liquidity may be an issue depending on the game selected and how early on you are trying to place your bet.  As I am recording to £1 stakes (yes, Betfair does have a £2 minimum stake, but there’s always ways and means…), it means I won’t have any such liquidity issues for the review.

Lastly, the prices I show will be at the time I obtain them – whenever that is.  They may have been higher before, they may be higher afterwards.  That is always the way, so if your results differ from mine, then that will be why.

Past Performance

In 2011, there was 9 winning betting months out of 11. Using 5 bets per game and staking £1 on each bet (e.g £5 total) returned an overall profit of £4662.50 with an ROI of 116%.  Using 4 bets per game and staking £1 on each (e.g. £4 total) returned an overall profit of £4625 with an ROI of 208%

The above results included winners at 1000/1 and 900/1.

For further information, click on the link to the Golden Soccer Star page at the bottom of this post.

Purchasing And Preparing For Use

The product costs £69.97 and is purchased via PayPal or Moneybookers.  There are no refunds available.

Once purchased, you will be sent a link to a zip file which you download, unzip and run (after inputting a code that Steve will give you).  You can then have the icon for Golden Soccer Star on your desktop.  When you open it up, it is the eBook with the rules for the system.  I believe it has been done this way to stop unlawful piracy of the product.

You may need to open up a few new bookie accounts online for this system to be most profitable.  Some of the best prices from this system have come from bookies like TitanBet, Triobet etc.  A lot of bets are available with good old fashioned bookies that I have used and recognised living here in the UK.

The selections email service is available at an extra cost to those whose who purchased Golden Soccer Star.  A season long subscription costs £169.99, 3 months costs £69.99 and 1 month (auto-renewing) costs £29.99.  The first two are both available via PayPal/MoneyBookers, the 1 month option, PayPal only.

Can Anyone Use This Product?

No football knowledge is required.

There is no requirement to follow live markets etc, so this system can be used by pretty much anyone as bets can be placed in advance of the kick off for each game.  If you’re using the selection email, all you need to do is use the odds comparison sites and then place your bets.

If you wish to manually find your selections, it took me (yes, I have had a go) about 5-10 minutes per league, the rule is that simple.

Details About My Review

I will be reviewing the selections that come through via email.  As mentioned earlier, these will cover the English Premier, Scottish Premier, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera, Italy Serie A and the UEFA Champions League.

I will also record results for the top leagues in Holland, Turkey, Portugal and Brazil, as well as the English Championship.  These particular results won’t form part of the review, but I may comment on them from time to time as they are an informal way of seeing whether the Golden Soccer Star product is successful on other leagues.

I will use 2 betting bank of 500 points and equate 1 pt to £1 for each.

Bank 1 will be for using 5 correct score bets per game (hence we will stake 5 pts/£5 per game.

Bank 1 will be for using 4 correct score bets per game (hence we will stake 4 pts/£4 per game.

The review will initially be based on 56 betting days…if we have a day without bets, it won’t count towards the review.  When we have completed 56 betting days, the decision will be made as to whether we carry on to the 84 betting days timescale or not.

As usual, any comments then please shout!

Cheers for now,

See the Golden Soccer Star sales page here…

Sgt Rob Reviewing Golden Soccer Star