Greyhound LayPRO – Day 80

10th April 2012

Hi Bloggers,

Here are the results on day 80 of Greyhound layPRO review.

For this review I’ll use Grey Horse Bot. The bot is set to enter in Betfair market with 33 seconds before the start.

Level Stakes staking plan – 100 points and 1 point on stake, max. odd 10

10/04/2012PBarr , 12:58, L: 4. Ballymac Sarah1.008.2010.95109.52
10/04/2012Sund , 15:38, L: 6. Inishowen Nikki1.009.6010.95110.47
10/04/2012Sund , 16:18, L: 3. North Jura1.006.0010.95111.42
10/04/2012Crayfd , 18:11, L: 2. Snowdon Prince1.008.4010.95112.37

Start Bank: 100.00

Today’s P/L: 3.88

Running Bank: 112.37

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian Review of Greyhound LayPRO