Hardcourt Heroes – Introduction

Hardcourt Heroes

December 15 2012

Sergeant Steve Introduces Hardcourt Heroes

Hi Bloggers,

Sgt Steve here, I have previously done reviews on LTO for Sports Betting Professor and Racing Tipsters and more recently Place Bet Pro, Cricket Tipster, Golf Betting Profits and ProBall. Anyway, my name is Steve and I’m 42 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. I have been interested in betting on horses for over 20 years now and have picked up sports betting as well in the past 5 or so years. I started doing sports arbitrage full time about 6 years ago and then moved to the UK and was trading horse racing for a couple of years. Back in Australia now and am still betting in my spare time and follow a couple of systems that seem reasonably good but haven’t yet led me to the Holy Grail, betting being my source of income, which is my ultimate goal. Well my ultimate goal is to get my golf handicap into single figures but you get the gist, one thing follows another.

On to the real  introduction, Hardcourt Heroes is a tipping service offered by a gentleman named Marcus Young. Bets are sent via email by around 5pm UK time, which is about 7 hours before the first game generally starts leaving plenty of time to get bets on.

On weekends or holidays when there are sometimes a few day games tipping off as early as 5pm UK time so bets will be received by 3pm UK time (2 am Australian time so will be a bit of a struggle for me!), or even the night before if enough bookmakers have set their lines that the odds look stable.


Hardcourt Heroes only recommends back bets in the moneyline (win/lose) markets. The odds quoted the bets sent out are the average odds available from a sampling of roughly 20 bookmakers using Oddschecker and Betbrain. That means that there will always be better odds available than quoted, so you are encouraged to shop around. For the purposes of this review I will use the quoted odds

There are 2 types of bets:

1) Straight bets: backing a single team to win a game (including overtime, so make sure your bookmaker’s market doesn’t include the draw or tie!).

2) Parlay bets/multiples: 2 or more moneyline bets combined together to increase the odds. Most of the time the recommended daily parlay will simply comprise all of that day’s straight bets, but there will be occasional variations.


All bets are recommended at level stakes and they suggest a 25-point starting bank for Hardcourt Heroes, so this is what I will start with for the review. A 25-point starting bank should be more than sufficient to comfortably absorb the rare but inevitable losing run, and due the high strike-rate the author recommends if you want to place both the straight bets and parlays in one combined bank then a 25-point bank to start should still be more than sufficient. So I will start with a $2500 bank and have $100 bets.

So you don’t actually have to know anything about the NBA to place these ‘winning bets’. The service is on a trial basis until January 15 so not sure what the cost will be yet but will let you know.

Let the games begin!

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Sergeant Steve Introduces Hardcourt Heroes