Hat Trick Hero Introduction

10th April 2017






Sgt Smithy Introduces Hat Trick Hero


I’m Sgt. Smithy and this is my third review at Betting System Truths. Of my two previous reviews, one was Pro Footy Tips, also from the Betting Gods network. My own style of betting involves lots of statistics, critical review, and the constant search for value. I’ll bring those qualities to this review and provide a fair and honest account of the service.

Service outline

This service is run by Anthony at the Betting Gods network of tipsters. The Betting Gods network always appears to be an organised and professional business and this service appears to be no different.

Hat Trick Hero is a service that provides tips in the form of one treble bet every day for a variety of sports.

All of the tips are back selections and the odds appear to be roughly around the 2.0-4.0 range. Football picks feature heavily although several North-American sports are tipped often also. The tipster’s website mentions that tips may be across a range of sports, mentioning also speedway and rugby.
A 30 point bank is required and for each daily treble, a 1 point bank is advised. For me this isn’t overly conservative but probably an appropriate bank based on the maximum losing run so far of 7 bets.

Tips are emailed out around 6pm each evening. There aren’t any reasons given for why the selections are made but Anthony often provides a brief comment on how the service is running and is forthcoming with advice on how to place the bets, particularly if they’re more unusual markets or sports.


My only slight concern at this point is whether there will be value in all of the selections made. Three bets per day is rigid and could mean that not all picks show the highest level of value, (compared with a service which opts to not provide any tips if there are no value selections). This rigidity in the service may be made up for by the large amounts of sports covered and so the opportunity to make selections from many more fixtures than a single sport. As all tips are trebles, it’s imperative that each line has positive value. Otherwise, the bookie’s overround will be compounded and the tip’s would be less profitable or even produce a greater loss. On the other hand, if the selections do show a positive value, this will be multiplied also and a greater profit will be made.

Ease of use

As the tips come in by email each evening and are a straight-forward, level point treble, I expect that the system will be very quick and easy to implement. The only slight delays may be in finding the selection or markets to place the bet on due to the large range of sports involved. I can’t foresee any issues with bet availability at this time.

The best value bookies and their odds are detailed with the selections. I’ll check that the advised odds are available at the time the tips are posted.

The Cost

A monthly subscription is £39.95 + VAT(£47.94) at the time of writing and a quarterly subscription is £99.95 + VAT(£119.94). Payment is made through Clickbank so the normal 60 day, no questions guarantee is available. This is always a great feature of any service, 60 days is plenty of time to make a decision on whether you want to continue or not. It also makes me feel that the service is genuine and that the tipster has confidence in his selections.

Review updates

As the tips are sent out daily, I too will post daily updates, usually with a days delay due to many of the tips involving American sports.

As with all of our reviews, I will follow the service for a minimum of 56 days and unless it’s impossible to recover a profit at that point, I will continue to 84 days.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.



Sgt Smithy Introduces Hat Trick Hero