Horse Betting Analyst Days 63 – 68

7th August 2014


Sgt Jack – Reviews Horse Betting Analyst

A good start to this sequence of results, but no further winners leaves us pretty much where we were at the end of last week.

DateTimeMeetingHorseStakeBetRec OddsMy OddsSPRec StakesLevel Stakes
05-Aug15:00Ffos LasRowlestone Lass4W5.55.55.5-4-1
05-Aug18:55CorkPrince of All8W44NR00
06-Aug17:25BrightonForest Glen8W2.6252.6253.25-8-1
07-Aug15:50BrightonCompton Bird4W11118-4-1

Bank at Recommended Stakes: 259.665 pts

Bank at Level Stakes: 228.884 pts

(Starting banks 250 pts)

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Jack Reviews Horse Betting Analyst