Horse Betting Professor – Introduction (addendum)

Hi constables,

In my introduction, I didn’t mention anything about stakes and betting banks etc, so my apologies.

I will be using 2 betting banks of $1000 each and equating $1 to 1 pt for both.

With the tips, there are two different types of bet, 1) each way and 2) ‘exotic’ bets.  There is 1 betting bank for each type.

Firstly I need to explain the format of the daily email.

A typical example of part of it would be as follows :

Hollywood Park :

Race 1 : #5 RED RUM, #2 Party Politics, #3 The Minstrel, #8 Denman

Race 2 : #3 BIG BUCKS, #5 Desert Orchid.

And so on…the key is there is normally between 1 and 4 selections per race and 1 of them is CAPITALISED

In the case of race 1, 4 selections have been advised.  These are ‘value’ selections that have rated favourably and all have a chance of providing a reasonable return.  We are advised to back the capitalised horse each way.  So here we would back Red Rum each way and use the each way bank to do so.

For the 2nd race, the each way bet is on Big Bucks.  And so on.

Of course, looking at the above, if you extrapolate that concept for the rest of the races, there are multiple selections for each race and there is nothing to stop you creating your own exotic Pick 3, Pick 4 and Daily Double bets and so on.  This is where people will get adversely different results.

Another part of the email may say something like this :

Belmont Park :  Pick 4 ($1) : Race 2 #4,5,7 with Race 3 #2,1 with Race 4 #4,6,2 with Race 5 #4,7

A pick 4 bet tries to get the winner of 4 consecutive races.  In the example above, this is using more than 1 horse in each leg – specifically 3x2x3x2 combinations = 36 bets @ $1 each = $36.  In this case, we use the exotic bank.

I will stick to bets clearly advised via the email which will be $2 each way bets on the capitalised horse and $1 or $2 bets on exotic bets that are explicitly stated in the email.…as I say, anyone straying from that and putting their own exotic/each way bets into practice may deviate from the profit/loss I state here.

I hope the above makes sense.  If it doesn’t or you have any questions or comments then please shout…


Sgt Rob.

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