Horse Sprint Stars Introduction

25 September 2013


Sgt SUPMYLO Introduces Horse Sprint Stars

Welcome to my review of Horse Sprint Stars. This comes from the Steve Davidson stable of products and as the name suggests is a Horse Racing service where you simple receive the selections by email and use them on the win and/or place markets at BSP.

The service involves betting on selected horses to won and/or to be placed. Taking in consideration this feature the service can be used by anyone with access to internet and a computer. Of course you need to have an account with Betfair or other exchange or bookie.

The service is very straight forward and easy to implement. You receive the selections, open the race lists and find the selections, backing them to win, to be place or both. The results that are presented on the site show that all the solutions are on profit.

The service costs £49.97 per month and can be cancelled any time.

I have all the selections from 21st August until the present and I intend to show you all the results day by day from that date. I will show the results on win only, placed only and win + placed, where at win I will bet 1 point and place 2 points, always at BSP as Steve suggests on the site.

With the subscription you have access to the total selections from where the final selections have origin. So I will try to do as soon as possible a study where I show the results to all the selections provided, not only the final ones.

After all the past results are presented I will report my results daily.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt SUPMYLO Introduces Horse Sprint Stars