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My name is David i have done several reviews on this website and on James old one so most of you regular bloggers know me by now, this time i shall be reviewing Betfair Miracle ( Please Note this is Betfair Miracle not the infamous Betting Miracle) by Jason Franklin he was the author of Ultimate Lay Betting which passed  the one month trial on the old site. The good news is that the Ultimate Lay Betting site is still going strong after several months so this is a good sign for Betfair Miracle which by the way has not been released  on the market yet, release date should be January 23rd. So what is Betfair Miracle?

Well it is another laying system and has been used by the author since June 2007 i understand from James that he will hopefully be posting a downloadable excel  file on the blog shortly  showing the full results from that date. The only problem is that the results and  profits are based on bookmakers prices and not Betfair which is kind of strange considering we are laying horses, although if i remember correctly ULB was done in the same format and this did not stop it from being profitable. But just for my own satisfaction i researched the previous losing bets(winning horses) and it would appear that the average price of the losers at ISP is approx 4.04(Without stake) and checking the same horses on Betfair resulted in an average of around  4.50(Without stake) so we are looking at a 11.5% differential plus Betfairs 5 % commission on the winning bets, just to add that the author has given me the odds  breakdown of the winners and 44 out of  the 58  losing bets had an ISP of 4/1 or less. The strike rate for the system is 91.19%, the longest winning run 59 and the longest losing run 3, now these results are based on the main system and the bonus system both are in the 23 page PDF manual. Now all the stats are based on the information that will be available on the website once it is launched, on the whole it looks very promising but the proof of the pudding  etc will be the review. So how many selections will i get per month and what kind of profits can i expect i here you ask , well based on the numbers given an average of 21 selections per month and an average of nearly 10 points per month(Based on Betfair not ISP) so your ROI would be about 47.62%.

Thats enough number crunching what do you get in the 23 page PDF pages 3 to 8 covers info about the author, how the system was developed its concept etc, there is no padding about how to place bets on Betfair and the other tosh you get with alot of systems. On pages 11 to 15 the main system is covered and 16 to 21 the bonus system, the main system has 6 rules and the bonus 7 both require you have the basic subscription to the Racing Post which  costs 7 pounds 50 pence per month at present. How long would it take you come up with the potential qualifiers probably to start 30 minutes at least depending on the number of meetings, of course as you get used to the rules the time will go down, just a note the systems only operate Monday to Saturday. The final selection process for both systems is the betting you have to observe the live show in the Sporting Life and  if the horse complies to the odds range set,  place your bets just a few second before the off. Although this may all sound rather daunting once you buy the system you get 21 days of free e-mails giving you the potential selections, also as i understand that for a small amount per month thereafter you can receive these e-mails daily, which would mean you save time and would not have to subscribe to RP. Also you can use Bots like GHB to do the betting part on the selections so that would save you having to be by the computer all the time. So how much will it cost, well it will retail at less than 100 pounds (but there is word that James can get around a 30% discount) and for early birds there will be a second bonus system free, excel sheets for record keeping,  21 days free  e-mails, 24/7 support and the usual 60 day  money back guarantee, as per the author sales will be limited to 300 copies initially. Anyway lets see if the author can produce another winner, but please note this is not a get rich quickly system but one that is geared for steady consistent gains  and long term profits, so lets see what happens in the forthcoming weeks. Do not forget launch date is January 23rd.

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  • BST Admin says:

    Hi Eric
    Betfair Miracle does come with a 60 day guarantee but it clearly states” If you fail to turn a profit, drop us a line and we will issue you with an full and prompt refund.” So your friend made a profit even if it was paper trading so there is not much that can be done.
    We may run another review on Betfair Miracle in the near future, unfortunately it would be impossible for us to keep running results of all the reviews we have done over the years.

    BST Admin

  • eric says:

    Hi, Betfair Miracle has not refunded ( despite 3 requests late 2012) by a colleague of mine, who trialled the system, found it successful but due to personal issues requested a refund of his subscription.
    He got an automated acknowledgement ..but nothing else and is still out of pocket!!
    Today I sent an email to them on this subject…and I have got the same automated response….and possibly that will be all.??
    I believe it is a good system but it would be nice to have a recent review of their results to date, plus a statement re the REFUND policy.

  • michael flynn says:

    I’ve been using Betfair Miracle for over a year now and have just cancelled my subscription to the £10 per month tips. It is easy to check whether this system works for yourself as HRS publish all the results going back a few years. I can vouch for the fact that the results are accurate for at least the last 12 months. I’ve done an analysis myself from 1st of January 2011 until 1st August 2011 (anyone can do this as I said earlier). The key findings from my analysis were as follows:
    234 selections with 35 of them actually winning their races. So a strike rate of 6.69 (quite a bit less than the 9.0 claimed). Strike rate calculated as 234 divided by 35.
    The average Betfair starting prices of all winning selections was 5.83. Now the lay odds are always a bit higher than the back odds so I added 5% to the 5.83 to allow for this and came up with lay odds of 6.12.
    So if we assume a lay stake of £50 we can work out that we would have made £9950 before allowing for commission at Betfair and any losing lay bets (234-35 x £50= £9950). Allowing for commission at a rate of 5% you are left with a gross profit of £9452.50.
    35 selections at average lay odds of 6.12 loses you £8960. So if we subtract 8960 from 9452.50 you are left with a profit of £492.50. Also you would be charged £10 per month for the tips so £70 needs to be taken off £492.50 – £70 leaving a net profit of £422.50. This averages out at £60 net profit per month.
    So I agree that the system is profitable long term. However the amount of time and effort that has to go into laying all the selections is very demanding and time consuming and in my opinion is not worth the effort for such a small return on investment.
    The system may have had a strike rate of 90% in the past but my experience has been that it is now running at 67% so far in 2011. Another consideration is that is is difficult to always lay a horse at odds of above 3/1 as the odds can change right up to the off. So you can end up laying a horse that does not end up being a selection as the odds have changed just before the off and this can leave you out of pocket.

  • Review Manager David says:

    Hi Don
    I actually done the review manually but i did enquire with Jason the author as regards to Bot settings and i was given BSP4.50 to 11.00 and set the bot a few seconds before the off.
    RM Dave

  • Don Lupton says:

    I understand that it makes a profit at BSP, but I cannot work out what odds to put in. Jason reckons 3/1 to 8/1 at SP.

    Is this 4.5 to 10 at BSP. What did you use for your test?

  • Tony says:

    Does anyone know how this has been performing lately? I have this system but stopped following the selections when it hit a bad patch. Just wondered if things have picked up?

  • Sgt Dave says:

    Hi Lovejoy
    Thanks for your comments well so far i have found Jason to be most helpful and the selections received in good time everyday. As for giving results at SP i was a little suspicious but i workout Betfair Miracle to BFSP and with 5% commisson deducted. As regards Betfair Miracle all i can say is that the strike rate matches what is claimed on the website and the profit made during the trial is good as off yesterday Day 56 it stands at 20.57 points to 1 point lays and that is at BFSP and with commission deducted. I deal with facts and at the moment the system and service seems to be good, if the profits nose dive and its showing a loss at the end of the trial then i will have no hesistation in doing the necessary.


    Sgt Dave

  • lovejoy says:

    Unfortunately I have had the misfortune of buying a system from Jason Franklin. It becomes very obvious when dealing with him that he does not use his own systems which says a lot for them. If you buy a system from him which carries a money back guarantee if you do not show a profit, there is a good chance you will not get it, as was the case with me. Jason Franklin calls himself a \’Betfair Expert\’ but the truth is he does not know the basic workings of a betting exchange. This can be proved by looking at his past results which are given at industry sp and do not account for betting exchange prices or commisssion. Yoy buy from this person at your peril.