Soccer Tips Software – Introduction


Soccer Tips Software – Introduction

Hi Bloggers,

This latest review is for a soccer service from the guys at tax free quid, well its not really a service as such, even though they do offer a tipping service, but for the main its is a piece of software that in a matter of minutes it will give you your selections

It covers all the UK Leagues and the Austrilian Leagues from May to August only.The cost for a month is £39.99 but they do prefer people to take out longer subs and at the moment they  offer 6 months for £97 whichworks out at just over £16 per month.You also get a 14 day trial for the service before you will be billed

On the web page they boast a 92% accuracy, so lets put that to the test now that the leagues have settled down

I will be reporting these selections on a weekly basis and will be using Bet365 prices

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars

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