The Secret Tipster Introduction


The Secret Tipster is a new review and involves an e-mail service for laying horses, where the author states the maximum points  for each lay following his plan.   You can of course lay each horse to level stakes, but I propose to follow the advice of the Secret Tipster and see how we progress.

The author recommends a bank of 300 points to follow the advised staking plan, and 150 points for level stakes, so that will our starting bank’s.

The cost for this service is currently on a buy one month get one free offering which works out at £28.50 per month, however the price will revert to the original cost of £57 per month after 18 January, and I have no idea how many places are left at the discounted price.

The system promises a lot, such as the following information extracted from the sales page………….

John Romane Has Made 304.57 Points Profit In 17.5 Months!

With His Genius Staking Plan Thats 851.46 Points!


50 points a month profit is huge by anyone’s expectations and we will of course have to wait and see what the review brings.

[Click here to see The Secret Tipster…..]

Sgt Philip

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars

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  • BST Admin says:

    Hi Pepe,
    Since the review was put back on the website after it was reworked, the comments on the thread still go back to January 4th, when the original review started.

    Admin Manager

  • Pepe says:

    @John Romane:
    I know, now I vaguely remember you posted during the first days, but could not check it because the first the posts were not there yesterday, and then, whey they updated the results and uploaded again the posts, all the previous comments had disappeared.

    Now I also see that this info appears in the introduction post (“The author recommends a bank of 300 points to follow the advised staking plan, and 150 points for level stakes”) so for me it’s OK as it is now.

    What I could not understand was:
    – the reason why this information was not shown and explained since the beginning, and Kerry had to wait till day 43 to clarify things (only when BST said the bank had disappeared with the 5% staking plan)
    – the reason why the request by the vendor was not made in a polite way instead of writing things like…“I think 24 hours is enough time to remove this posting before I take some action”

    But apart from this, I have no interests against “The Secret Tipster” or against any other system or tipster. For me it would be a dream if Betting System Truths discovers many methods, strategies or tipsters that can achieve the 5-star rate and I can have a nice & wealthy life by following them (of course the includes your service)

    Having said that, it’s time to move on and continue with the review. Thanks to BST and good luck for you !!!

  • John Romane says:


    As the author of the system i did post a message in relation to the staking being used on the review which was not recommended. It is pointless reviewing something with a form of staking which is not recommended in the first place.
    The bank on the recommended staking plan has far from disappeared by the way – it is designed to cope with losing runs.
    No one has ever said anything other than percentage staking was not recommended for this system.
    As far is the bank is concerned – I use a bank of 250 points. The bank currently stands @ 863.4 points. All results are available and are fully transparent.

  • BST Admin says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your understanding, you are welcome, we just want to get it right.

    Admin Manager

  • mike says:

    hi gordon thanks for your time and trouble with this one , its frustrating to see things being portrayed wrongly and hopefully its now back on track .



  • BST Admin says:

    Hi Pepe,

    Thank you for your understanding, it was a hell of a weekend!LOL

    If you look at the Review introduction post, which has also been updated, and also the first review post for days 1-9, you will see I say there that the author recommends a bank of 150 points for level staking and 300 points for the staking plan.

    We will certainly take on board your comments about “trading strategies”

    All the best,
    Admin Manager

  • BST Admin says:

    Hi Mike,

    I explained yesterday the situation regarding the vendors post. To be perfectly honest with you, it was never removed, because it was never approved by admin in the first place, so it should never have appeared on the website. Had it not been for the fact that I had taken the decision to remove the review from the website, the comment would most certainly have been posted. Under the circumstances, with the review removed I felt it made no sense to post it as it didn’t relate to anything. I can assure you the comment has not been deleted, it is being held in the pending file, awaiting the decision of the vendor as to whether it is posted or not.
    Regarding the updated review posts, I did in fact make a total of 5 posts yesterday afternoon, just as I had finished I was informed that there was a possibility that the information I had used may not have been correct, so once again, not wishing to mislead, I removed the posts until we had clarification. You will see the posts are all back on now, and the review is underway again.


  • Pepe says:

    BST Admin > Thanks for your reply and clarification…Maybe I was a bit upset when i read the first message by the vendor…i really appreciate the time and dedication made by BST and LTO.

    I see that you’ve updated all the postsand results. The only thing that remain to be know is how many points you need in your bank. Sorry if i don’t explain it OK, cause English is not language, but i’ll try…

    If you pay attention to their website you read “John Romane Has Made 316.41 Points Profit In 18.5 Months! With His Genius Staking Plan That´s 880.1 Points!” The usual though for many of us would be “That means 31,641 pounds at 100 pounds per point, or even 88,010” (100 pounds as the normal standard in many reviews)

    But then the next question is how many points you need in your bank, considering that you have days in which you bet 4 points per bet at odds up to 9.8. It’s clear that you need more than 100 points (otherwise 3 or 4 losses in a row will destroy the bank) Is there any recommendation about it? 300-500 points? In that way you can estimate how much you need in order to make a certain amount of money…

    Examples: If you read Favs Phenomenom they advice number of points you need according to the level (100, 150 or 200); in Little Acorns, they explain a staking plan and number of point (142 points)

    Finally one suggestion for BST admin…considering the interest in products like Pro Betfair Trading (in LTO) and Betfair Success Formula (here in BST) It would be nice to discover more products related to “strategies in trading”. Thanks again.

  • mike says:

    hi gordon my point was
    1 the post made by the vendor has been removed , it did make some valid points apart from threatening legal action .

    2 earlier today there were two updates on the secret tipster , these have now dissapeared ,



  • BST Admin says:

    Hi Mike,
    The situation regarding the review of The Secret Tipster I explained earlier in my answer to Pepe, and I have just finished updating the review on the website.
    As to removing comments, I am confused? I have not removed anything that has been moderated and approved, and as far as I can tell nor has anyone else. We have no need to do that Mike, if we wanted to we would delete them before they were published, not afterwards. If you can give me any more information I am happy to investigate, because we do not work like that.

    I have checked the trash bin and there are currently 3 items in it. 2 are from Pepe, he had made 3 posts, and 2 of them contained exactly the same information as the other one, so I published one and deleted the other 2. The other one is from Kerry yesterday, as I had removed the review that her post referred to I felt it would not make sense if people saw it. I have actually emailed her and asked her permission not to post her comment, should she refuse, the comment will be posted.

    I hope this explains things Mike, I assure you there is nothing underhanded going on, quite the opposite, I am desperately trying to get things back on track in an honest and open manner.

    Admin Manager

  • mike says:

    hi is there any chance someone can explain what is going on with this review . i see comments being posted then removed and no more updates ????

  • Betting System Guru says:

    Hi Andy Im confused at what Steve Davidson has to do with this review?

  • Andy says:

    Just realised i just said July, i mean July 09, thats way over a year, because speaking to Steve Davidson he said he had a NEW system that he wanted me to true

  • Andy says:

    I also had a free trial from the secret tipster through November, and i found it hard to get the same odds for his larger odds selections.
    Plus i asked if he was using this system since last july why had he only just started to advertise it.
    Im not a great believer of past results with no proof tbh.


  • Sgt Philip says:

    Hi George

    The reason for the difference is that I am compounding after each selection as follows:

    £1000.00 * 5% = £50 – less betfair commn (5%) = 47.50
    New Bank
    £1047.50 * 5% = £52.38 – less bf commn (5%) = 49.76

    1047.5+49.76 = 1097.26

  • Sgt Philip says:

    Hi IanF

    Yes – I am compounding intra day, which explains the profit figure.

    I decided on 5% staking, which seemed reasonable at the time. However, if the lays become multiples each day and the odds are between 6.5 to 10,
    I appreciate that this will potentially obliterate the bank.

    Bearing this in mind I may adjust the staking to 1.25% of the bank.

    Will keep you posted, so to speak!

  • IanF says:

    Hi Sgt Philip,
    Are you compounding intra-day? Otherwise your profit sould only be £95.

    I tried the free trial of this in November.

    I hope that you understand that if using the staking plan (i.e. aggressive loss recovery), then you have the unit stake too high at 5%? At that level it is doomed to fail – I had a situation where at a unit stake of 5% (and laying stake size not to liability) at the worst odds allowed the liability would have been 7 times the size of the bank! #

    For the staking plan, the unit size should be about 1% based upon my experience.

  • George says:

    H Philip can you explain how there are 2 different amounts with the lay bets
    Profit on the Day £47.50 + £49.76 =