The Betplan Introduction


The Betplan Introduction

The Betplan

Sergeant Karl-Introduces The Betplan

May 7th

Hello Bloggers,

I have agreed to take over the re-review for The Betplan, I am a reviewer from lay the odds, so I won’t bore you with my intro all over again.

Ok, so what’s The BetPlan all about?

The BetPlan is a high strike rate horse backing service, their ethos is back early and use a staking plan, they rely on the fact they are backing odds on horses that losing runs will be short, and by implementing a staking plan it allows them to take advantage of a 40% plus strike rate.

The Betplan service costs £45 per calendar month, or £47 if you want SMS included, they have also proofed to the racing index so we know it is a service we can trust.

One must accept with a service like this that betting to SP and flat stakes will probably not give a great deal of profit, the author of The Betplan service goes to great pains on his website to explain that early prices and a staking plan hold the keys to our Ferrari and Swedish Supermodel, so we will follow his recommendations.

I will also report to flat stakes and BSP as this is a standard protocol on BST.


Sergeant Karl

[Click here to see The BetPlan]

Sergeant Karl-Introduces The Betplan

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