The Horse That Should Win Introduction


The Horse That Should Win Introduction

25th august 2011

The Horse That Should Win

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces The Horse That Should Win

Hi Bloggers,

May I introduce you to The Horse That Should Win, from ROGER PURSSORD. It is a back and lay tipping service based on Roger’s system and can be used manually or with a bot for time saving. The bot which is recommemded is Mybetminder, purely because this is the bot the author uses and therefore he KNOWS that it works. The price of The Horse That Should Win is 99 pounds a month. This does not include the Bot.

The system formula uses only top rated horses and involves a special price strategy.

The selection rules for The Horse That Should Win are:

1. Selections are set out on the seller page.

2. To decide whether to back, lay or leave alone refer to the chart that defines the criteria for each course. (These criteria are constantly monitored and adjusted in the light of more information).

3. Look at each selection and note the course it is running at and follow the chart rules. Only bet early when you can be sure a horse will start (BetfairSP) within its price zone.

4. The minimum field to bet in is 6 runners

5. Once you have the daily selections the method is all about prices and their relationship to racecouses. READ ACROSS THE COLOUR CODED TABLE. The information there tells you what to do with a selection at that particular racecourse depending on what price range the selection falls into.

The initial review of The Horse That Should Win will be for 56 “betting days”, and may be extended to 84 “betting days”, depending on its performance. The initial bank will be 1000 points and 10 point on stake.

For this review I shall be using the Grey Horse Bot.

You can find more details about Grey Horse Bot here.

Until my next update,

[Click here to see The Horse That Should Win]


Sgt Lucian – Introduces The Horse That Should Win

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September 11, 2011

Ac @ 2:11 pm #

@lucianfen: From reading the sales page it says that “the top horse” in each race is assessed and then the betting is advised based on price, course etc. From looking through the selections listed in results so far I can’t understand how these horses would be considered the top rated. Does anybody know where these “top ratings” are coming from?

September 1, 2011
August 31, 2011

gordoncoles @ 6:23 am #

Hi Andy,

We shall see, thats what these reviews are all about.


August 30, 2011

andy @ 10:15 am #

@gordoncoles: No doubt yet another Sportsworld / Roger Purssord piece of junk – to go the way of Follow the Fortune, The Cambridge Target System etc. etc. – all touted on the so called mathematical brilliance of RP. Anybody here want to offer me odds of this being in profit after the trial?

gordoncoles @ 9:56 am #

Hi Simon,

We were advised on the 20th of August that Soccer Overs had been withdrawn, and is no longer for sale, I understand this was at the request of the author.

I had added an update to the final review summary over on LTO, but had not done so here on BST, my apologies for that Simon.


August 29, 2011

Yura @ 7:31 pm #

Sergeant Lucian!
Very much, vaguely. And you would put on this horse?
It is necessary more particularly. I do not know as you, but money difficultly get to me.

Simon Buxton @ 6:20 pm #

Hi, What happened to SoccerOvers? Seems their website’s disappeared. Check your link.

tommy @ 1:23 pm #

If these systems are so hot at taking money from the Bookies the inventors should be making enough money to pass the systems out for free, if i ever invent a wonder system to fleece the bookmakers I’d definitely pass it on for free 100%

gordoncoles @ 12:17 pm #

Hi Liam,

Yes not cheap, so a wise decision, thats what we are here for;-)


Liam @ 11:24 am #

oh my! £100.00 a month all but one £1.00 I will consider this is in 84 days when it has been reviewed.


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