Lay It Safe Review Day 81

Hi Bloggers

Patience was the order of the day with four of the five selections failing the maximum
recommended price rule. Still, made a profit though on the day.

(The first two selections were a dutch lay in the same race).

14.25    Catterick           Red Roar                          6th    BSP 55.00 – No bet

14.25    Catterick           Nabrina                            7th    BSP 21.67 – No bet

16.10    Haydock           Ballista                          WON     BSP 10.50 – No bet

16.35    Catterick          Floor Show                     6th      BSP  9.60 – No bet

17.10    Catterick          Royal Record                6th      BSP 5.37

P/L                                      + 0.95 points

Cumulative P/L         – 9.77  points

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Sgt Jon