Lay It Safe Review Day 84

Hi Bloggers

So our three month trial ends with a losing day and frankly no surprise here!

I will write up the summary and bet statistics in the next day or so but I think you know
where this one is going – preferably for life with no parole!

The first two bets were a dutch lay just in case you thought I’d mis typed!)

14.45     Leicester             Maoi Chinn Tire        WON       BSP 2.52

14.45    Leicester              Petrocelli                        4th       BSP 24.59 – No bet

15.00   Redcar                   Liberty Trail                 2nd       BSP 9.28  – No bet

16.30   Redcar                   Weekend Millionair    3rd       BSP 9.00

P/L                                         – 0.57 points

Cumulative P/L         – 24.59 points

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Sgt Jon