Lay It Safe Review Final Summary


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So our review of Lay It Safe, a laying tipster service from Paul Fowlie and promoted by
Sportsworld Publishing comes to an end. Now, let’s start by looking at the claims made
on the SWP sales page:

“A Highly Selective System Laying Low Liability Horses”

Certainly it is highly selective with just 127 selections in 84 days including 31 days (37%)
with no selections at all.  Low liability? Not sure I agree with that claim when the only
rule that you are advised is that the maximum lay price should be 9.0. The average BSP
lay price was 5.66 excluding those selections that were too long (43 in total).

The average losing bet BSP was 5.79 and with a strike rate of 76% this confirms this service
will not be profitable in the long term as the maximum price for a strike rate of 76% is 4.0 just to
break even!

“£1000 a Month from Selective Bets, with an 89% Strike Rate”

The subscription to Lay It Safe is £100 for six months (£16.67 per month). The final P/L after
three months was a loss of -24.59 points which is  £2,459 if laying at £100 – the stake quoted by 
SWP. So you would have invested £50 to lose a further £2,459 ( A total loss of £2,500).
Perhaps SWP meant to say you can LOSE  £1000 a Month?

Strike Rate 89%? Don’t think so!

OK, we all know betting systems can go through bad patches and one of the reasons I reviewed this
for three months rather than the usual two months is that Mr. Fowlie almost resisted allowing the
review in the first place. Quote:

” What I don’t want James is you doing a review and then giving it a negative comment because it has not made a profit in the first month you trial it, that is just so unfair.”

No problem, we reviewed it for a full three months with the following P/L for each month:

28 days               – 7.32 points

56 days              + 4.98 points

84 days            – 22.25 points

Total P/L    – 24.59 points

I’m pleased I decided to carry on past the normal two months as I might have been persuaded to
recommend Lay It Safe for the Neutral category after 56 days.

But as it is, if you can’t do better than losing 24-25 points in a three month period tipping horses to lose priced up to 8/1 (9.0) then I can only suggest you rethink your strategy.

There was also more than one occasion when the selections website managed to list the wrong course and wrong race times. Surely it’s not too much to expect accuracy when listing selections? At least some attempt was made a few weeks ago to acknowledge the poor run with the following comment on the selections website:

“This system has been very very quiet this year, if come the end of June we still have not made 35 points profit I will extend your membership free of charge until we hit 35 points. I cannot be fairer than that”.

Looks unlikely the 35 points will be achieved so at least existing subscribers get a free membership until profit is achieved. Doesn’t do much for the £2,459 you would already have lost, though!

Recommended for ” Fail and Jail” with no parole or appeal.

[Click Here To See Lay It Safe…] [Rating:2.0]

Sgt Jon