Layers Of Profit – Introduction

Hi Constables,

The commissioner has asked me to review Layers Of Profit.

This, as the name suggests, is a Laying service and is aimed at the Horse market on the betting exchanges.

The cost is £19.99 per month (payable through Clickbank) and you receive a daily email with all the lay selections for the day.

A starting bank of 50 pts is advised, although it doesn’t suggest how many pts to stake on each selection.  I would assume 1 pt, but today (Friday 23rd April) I have received 6 selections, and a pre-race tot-up on Betfair indicates that the total liability for all 6 selections would be around 25 pts on that basis, i.e. half the betting bank!

To be sensible, I am going to have a 300 pt bank where 1 pt = £2.  I will stake 1 pt (£2) per bet aiming to win +0.95pts (£1.90) for a successful lay after commission.

You are advised to lay ‘near the off’ – for my results I will use the Betfair starting price.  If the service is a good one, then that will instill some confidence in taking early prices before the off.

The only other rule is that you don’t lay any selections with a price of over 6.0 on the exchange.

I think that is about it for now (!).  My next update will be Monday 26th April as I am away for the weekend.

Look forward to seeing how this pans out and I would love to hear from you if you have any comments.

Sgt Rob.

[Click Here To See Layers Of Profit…]