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3rd Feb 2012


Sgt Branko reviews LayEzyfootball

Hi Bloggers,

My name is Branko and I`m brand new reviewer here at BST. I`ve been following mostly american sports like NHL and MLB, but I like also football and eurohockey. I`ve been trading theese sports mostly on Betfair but occasionally I use local bookies too.

Now in front of us is brand new laying tips service. It`s called LayEzyfootball. A few days ago they opened a 14-days no-obligation free trial. They claim to provide a complete service regarding research and match analysis from 11 football leagues from Europe. So lay betting service cover leagues like England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, France etc. The service only operates during the European football season, with tips from summer football leagues only coming through once the European season has re-started and summer form is established.

All tips are delivered by mail the day before kick off. The Lay betting expert behind this service is Neale Franklin and so far this season he has very good and promising results. Over 150% increase of initial bank.

Maximum lay odds for all bets are 6.0, and if a selection ends up not being available to bet within our odds range it will be considered void and not included in our official results.

Initial review of LayEzyfootball will be 56 days and may be extended to 84 “betting days”. An initial bank of 20 to 30 points is recommended. For the purpose of this review I will start with 100pts initial bank with 3pts per lay at level stakes.

After 14-days trial you have to choose membership program 3 -6 or 12 months. Price is currently not available. Refund policy will be available up to 30 days from purchase date.

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Sgt Branko reviewing LayEzyfootball

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