Laying Spring Profits – Introduction   5th March 2011

Laying Spring Profits

Sgt Tony- Introduces Laying Spring Profits

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Welcome to another new system review. Well, having said that, it is kind of new! You will no doubt be familiar with Chris Castell and his LayingWinter Profits, LayingSummer Profits and LayingAutumn Profits systems. In a somewhat unsurprising move, Chris has rounded off the whole offering by announcing the launch of Laying Spring Profits!

Laying Spring Profits runs from 1 March to 31 May and therefore completes the whole twelve month cycle. In March Laying Spring Profits concentrates on UK National Hunt racing, whilst in April and May Laying Spring Profits concentrates on UK Flat racing. For all three months, the lay odds must lie between 1.75 and 6.30 on Betfair and Chris recommends only putting your lays on a few minutes before the off, to ensure that you can get within this price range. Laying Spring Profits will select horses to lay regardless of their price, so it is quite usual to receive lots of selections for the day that do not qualify because their price is above or below this recommended price range. To keep things simple, Chris uses the Betfair SP when calculating his results, but users of Laying Spring Profits may well obviously get better or worse prices dependent upon the time at which they place their bets.

Chris offers superb support for all of his systems and is extremely approachable and quick to respond to questions (this is the third of his systems that I have reviewed). As with his other three systems, Chris offers an easy to understand manual, together with some really comprehensive videos showing you how to use Laying Spring Profits. This bundle will set you back £97.

For those who prefer the ‘lazy’ option, Chris will also email you the selections every day (usually before midnight of the day before) for a one of payment of £198 for the whole three months, or a monthly payment of £75. He also maintains a web page with all the results kept up to date and the records from the last five years.

Chris bases all of his 4 systems on laying a fixed amount of £100 per selection, which will result in a profit of £95 per lay, after taking Betfair commission into account, should the horse oblige and lose the race. I will keep a tally of the cumulative cash bank, together with the level stakes results for those who prefer to use different staking methods, so 1 point will represent £100 in this case.

Chris is very keen to point out that he regards all four of his systems as being part of a whole ‘package’ which punters can use to bet all year around. If one of the ‘seasons’ does wobble a little, it should be recouped by the next ‘seasonal’ system. This is an interesting approach. There are many systems out there that only look at All Weather racing, or only look at Flat or NH racing, so there is a lot of merit in his approach of using a month by month set of rules and criteria to allow for different conditions etc.

Do check out his website if you need any further information, or feel free to ask me (or Chris) any questions.

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Sgt Tony- Introduces Laying Spring Profits