Layze Profits Review Day 3 and 4

17th June 2017
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Sgt Mick Reviews Layze Profits 


17June 2017

There were ten selections today:

Bath 1.55 Powered BSP 3.97 FIN 4/8

Muss. 2.05 Rasheeq BSP 5.73 FIN 5/15

Sand. 2.10 Rio Ronaldo BSP 3.75 WON

Hexham 2.15 Martiloo BSP 12.5 FIN 3/10

Muss.3.10 Duke Of Firenze BSP 10.5 FIN 15/17

Hexham 3.55 Card Game BSP 6.27 FIN 2/10

Bath 5.20 Captain Ryan BSP 3.45 FIN 2/13

Hexham 5.40 Fred Le Macon BSP  5.74 P.U.

Ling. 6.20 Ya Jemeel BSP 3.8 FIN 4/8

Leic.9.10 Maggi May BSP 6.21 FIN 3/10

An excellent day with 9 winning bets from 10 and a profit of 42.75 points after deduction of 5% commision on the winning bets and a loss of 13.75 on the losing bet.


Starting Bank 250 points

Total Running bank 253.25 points.

Sunday 18 June

There were only 2 selections today and both resulted in two winning bets showing a profit of 9.5 points following deduction of 5% commission.

Salis.2.45 Justice Lady BSP 4.88 Fin 5/8

Salis 4.45 Bassmah BSP 6.63 Fin 2/10

Starting Bank 250 points

Running Total 262.75 points

Because there were so many selections yesterday and being the weekend I have done reports for both days. This system is doing remarkably well so far and if strike rate can be maintained it promises to be very good.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.


Sgt Mick Reviews Layze Profits