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Lets Get Layed

23rd Oct 2011

Sgt Tommy Reviews Lets Get Layed

Hi Bloggers,

After a little rest I am back with a new review of ‘Lets Get Layed‘, a lay tipping service with approx 4 lay tips per day.

I will be reporting on 3 separate laying systems as follows:

1. Lets Get Layed Original

Laying horses between 4.50 BFSP and 9.99 BFSP

2. Handicapped horses system

Laying horses up to 10.00 BFSP

3. Bonus lay system

Laying horses up to 8.00 BFSP

I will report the results separately for all 3 systems and also have a running total of all 3 systems combined. I will start with a 100pt bank for each system and bet 2pts on each selection. (a 50pt bank with a level staking plan is recommended by Lets Get Layed)

There is currently a 7 day free trial of the service and a monthly payment of 39.99GBP thereafter.

I shall be starting my review in full as from Monday the 24th Oct.

Good luck to all concerned!

All the best, Sgt Tommy reviewing Lets Get Layed

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