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    This is a laying service by Michael Pang the author of the other new betting system i am reviewing, this service will be reviewed for 3 months, 1 month with a every day results and 2 months with a weekly review. The e-mails for this service are received at 11am in the morning and list any potential lay bets detailing race time and course , now you need to check your e-mail 15 minutes before the potential lays race time to see if it is a qualifying bet or not. You should receive on average 74 selections a month that should be enough action for most people, the strike rate as per the webpage is 88.6% and annual profits of 120 points are achievable. The service has had 3 x 2 Losing months, 3 losing bets in a row three times to counter this the service has a winning run of 6 months , 3 times and a winning run of 55 bets.  The service operator recommends laying to a maxium of 14.5 BFSP,  for my own tastes that is a bit high, anyway we shall see the review begins on the 26th December and should show its worth sometime during the 3 months. Please note that the stats are take from the website and we should have a better idea at the end of the review whether these are obtainable or not?.  To achieve continuity with the other reviews on this site we shall be starting with a 100 point bank and laying with 1 point level stakes, and not the 75 point starting bank as recommended by the service operator.


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