Lucky Seven Summary

Lucky Seven Failed
  Lucky Seven Failed

The Pitch
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Note From Admin

Barry one of our Newsletter readers has expressed a wish to review some systems and services and so he will be reviewing Lucky 7

Over to Barry…

Intro from Barry

Hi James,

Thanks for the opportunity to review “Lucky Seven”.

A little bit about me is that I am seventy years young and I have been following racing for nearly fifty years. My original passion was progressive staking with care and bailing out when you felt that it was not worth risking too much when the return was far to small with a large layout.

About three years ago I discovered Betfair, and realised that with the laying of bets it opened up a new ball game for the punters. Since then I have been a member of Max Redd’s system of value betting which I won a small amount of money, but it was all too slow and a bit boring. I have been monitoring Martins Justlays for a while, but they have ups and downs. In the the end I have found that my own systems of laying some favs are much more consistent.

I had my fingers burnt a little with Jamie Kelly, won a bit at first then had my bank wiped out, when the inevitable long losing run happened. Also lost a little money on Skybets laying dogs at long prices and small stakes on a bot.

I am an ex Planning Engineer and am quite capable of designing my own systems and staking plans. I am determined that sometime I will crack it on Betfair, that’s why I am grateful for reviewing some of these systems that are always flooding the market.

My initial thoughts on the “Lucky Seven” system is that it is just another gimmacky system, however I will not pre-empt without having a good look at it.

I have devised a simple spreadsheet in “Works” and am working under the rules as established in the system. As it was stated a small bank was the order of the day, I selected £500 with stakes of £10 per point. In the system they were talking stakes of £5 per point but with a limited amount of all weather racing, my own thought was that the former was the better, assuming that the system is good.

Regards, Barry.


End of Review Summary

Short and Sweet, Lucky Seven has failed this 1 month review by quite a huge margin.

Cumulative P & L          =    -54.16 pts (minus)  in 1 Calender Month

Well folks that’s a calendar month with the system and as you can see by the row of minus points it must go down as a resounding failure.  Indeed if I had been betting with £10 stakes my bank would have been wiped out.
I have enjoyed doing the review, it’s just a shame that there was nothing to get excited about, apart from the first couple of days when the system got “Lucky”.
I look forward to doing another review in the future, because  even in failure you may pick up a couple of valuable nuggets.
Regards Barry
Lucky Seven Failed