Lunchtime Profit Alert Introduction

9th November 2013

 Lunchtime Profit Alert

Sgt Quicksilver – Introduces Lunchtime Profit Alert

Hello again Sgt. Quiksilver reporting for duty. 

Lunchtime Profit Alert or LPA as it will now be called is an email based sports tipping service.  The  service is run by  Richie Forbes and Agora lifestyles. The cost of the service is £37 for 12 months and there is a guarantee that if you don’t make a profit during the 12 months then you get your £37 back.

The selections are sent by email every Friday lunchtime with clearly laid out instructions on what to bet and where and a detailed write up of why the bet has been selected in the first place.  Text messages with any last minute selections are also included in the package.

We are revisiting this service as the site followed it about 3 years ago and one 12 week trial in isolation can be misleading . The fact that the service is still running  must indicate that it has some merit.

There is an advertising page for LPA but it is  long winded,  bloated  and as my other half pointed out ‘ I’ve read shorter novels ‘  should give you an indication of what to expect.

However I  digress, I will try this for 12 weeks using a 50 point bank and will update accordingly.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Lunchtime Profit Alert]


Sgt Quicksilver Introduces Lunchtime Profit Alert