Lunchtime Profit Alert – Introduction

Hi Bloggers

I have agreed to trial this soccer betting service and this will be a refreshing change
for me rather than trialling yet another “Holy Grail” horse racing system. LPA is a
subscription service that costs just £27 for the first YEAR. Then renewal subscriptions
are £72 per year.

This is a ridiculously low subscription especially as the author provides links for you to
sign up for free bets at both Betfair and bookmakers. The Betfair offer is a free £27 bet, so
you could recoup your annual subscription with your very first bet.

When you join you receive an e-book of Premiership statistics for every team which I
found to be both fascinating and useful information. You also receive clear explanations
of the various soccer bets available and a hard copy newsletter delivered by post each
month. Most importantly, you will receive the tips by mobile text every week on Friday,
presumably around lunch time!

I will receive the first alerts on 1st October and am looking forward to seeing how Lunchtime
Profit Alerts progresses and will report back here on a weekly basis.