Mals Lay System – Day 8

09th May 2012

Hi Bloggers,

Here is day 8 results for GreyHorseBot bonus – Mals Lay System review. No selections on Saturday and Sunday.

Recommended staking plan – 100 points and 1% Bets:

I’ll post only the bets. The selections number is almost equal with number of races.

09.05.2012Sthl , 14:25, L: Little Perisher1.2112.0011.15122.16
09.05.2012Chest , 15:40, L: Fleeting Image1.2210.5011.16123.32
09.05.2012Sthl , 16:00, L: Enjoyment1.238.4011.17124.49
09.05.2012FfosL , 17:30, L: In The Binyanis1.247.0011.18125.67
09.05.2012Punch , 17:40, L: Pretty Happy1.269.2011.19126.87
09.05.2012Kemp , 18:20, L: Pearl Opera1.278.4011.21128.07
09.05.2012Punch , 18:40, L: Rivage Dor1.2811.5011.22129.29
09.05.2012Kemp , 18:55, L: Viola Da Gamba1.298.2011.23130.52
09.05.2012Punch , 19:15, L: Cool Warrior1.319.6011.24131.76
09.05.2012Kemp , 19:30, L: Fosters Road1.3212.0011.25133.01

Start Balance: 100 points

P/L:+12.00 points

Running Balance: 133.01 points

Level Stakes staking plan100 points and 1 Point Win Bets:

Start Balance: 100 points


Running Balance: 130.74 points

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian – Review Mals Lay System