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Market Movers

Sgt Accent – Reviews Market Movers

The Market Movers is email base service . The subscriber receive email one day before the race. The member could also see the selection in their member area. The email contains selection of one up to three horses that predicted the odds to shorten. We make back bet on BOG bookmaker after the email recieve (17.30 – 19.00 UK Time)  and make lay bet at betfair at 09.30- 10.00 am the next morning in hope that the odds shorten.

We use 3 type of lay ;

1. Under lay : It means we lay to win. If the horse win we have maximal return and if it loss we get our investment back

2. Balanced lay: It means we take advantage of either the horse win or loss . we still get small return

3. Over lay:   It means we lay to loss. If the horse loss we have maximal return and if it win we get our investment back

4. If the horse odd drift not shorten then we lay near the race start (5 minute before). Try to underlay it and catch the ISP . So it must use BOG bookmaker to minimal losses

We will see which type of lay make the biggest return at the end of this review.

We use 100 points as starting bank .No recommended bank as this system is pure arb.

All bet base on 1 point back bet.

I will try to update the review every week for 12 weeks before conclusion. Thank You

Note: For subscriber of The tips also sent by SMS to speed up catching the odds before it shorten.

Week 12  (22-9-2014 to 28-9-2014) :

No Date Race Time Horse Bookie Early BOG Lay Odd BSP Result Return
Under Lay Balanced Lay Over Lay
77 22/9/2014 No tips
78 23/9/2014 Lingfield 1630 SaltWater Creek Bet365 9 8 8.2 Lose 0 0.08 0.08
79 24/9/2014 No tips
80 25/9/2014 Newmarket 1510 Dance of Heroes William Hill 4.5 5.5 5.31 Lose 0 0 0
81 26/9/2014 Newmarket 1440 What say You Bet365 9 8 7.23 Lose 0 0.08 0.08
82 27/9/2014 Newmarket 1805 Soviet Courage Stan James 6 5 NR NR 0 0 0
83 28/9/2014 No tips
Profit/ Loss

Under lay: 0.0 Points

Balanced Lay:  0.16 points

Over Lay:  0.16 Points

Week 12  Bank :  

Under Lay: 106.95 points    ; P/L : +6.95

ROI : 2.8 %  ,  Total Investment point: 192.93 Points

Balanced Lay: 112.05 points    ; P/L : +12.05

ROI : 4.3 %  ,  Total Investment point: 224.03 Points

Over Lay: 114.3 points    ; P/L : +14.3

ROI : 4.9 %  ,  Total Investment point: 235.9 Points

 Note: This is the end of weekly review. The result is positive for a good arb service. Next is Conclusion

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review. [Click here to see Market Movers] Regards,

Sgt Accent Reviews Market Movers