Michael’s Place Lay Formula   Day 78 to 84   December 12th to December 18th

Hi Constables,

       There was 5 selections spread over 3 days with one being a losing lay at 3.5 so a profit was made on both level stakes and with the staking plan. So the review draws to an end and a very good profit to level stakes  and for the Staking Plan considering we are talking of a lay system and laying against a place at that. The Final Review will follow very soon.

Day 78  No  Selections

Day 79

Time         Course                Selection          Odds         Result       P/L

15:50  Wolverhampton   Sharp Shoes   3.5            Won       -2.50

16:20  Wolverhampton  Mr Funshine   3.6           Lost      +0.95

Day 80 No Selections

Day 81

Time         Course                Selection          Odds      Result       P/L

14:50      Lingfield             Rio Sands           3.8            Lost       +0.95

17:55      Kempton      Brave Prospector  3.8         Lost       +0.95

Day 82  No Selections

Day 83

Time         Course                Selection       Odds      Result       P/L

15:15   Wolverhampton   Saharia         3.6            Lost    +0.95

Day 84 No Selections


Days 78 to 84 Totals

To Level Stakes: + 1.30 points

To Staking Plan: + 2.725 points

Totals for the trial

To Level Stakes:   +132.15 points (+ 32.15 points)

To Staking Plan:   + 151.75  points (+ 51.75 points)


RM Dave

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