Michael’s Place Lay Formula – Introduction

Hi Constables,

This is RM Dave i have taken over the review of Michael’s Place Lay Formula it was obvious that the previous reviewer did not fully understand the strategy or was not willing to put in the time because the number of selections given was way below what they should have been. Actually this strategy is one i follow so i was able to fill in the missing areas. Now this strategy has been going since 2008 and has many fans, on the current sales page it claims an 84% strike rate for the month of August and September upto 24th ones  this involved 103 selections of which 87 were winning bets producing 54.40 points  to the authors staking plan. Now the only true way as we all know is to see how well a service or system  does is to Level Stakes, well  it produced 34.68 points profit which is a 33.67% ROI or for the purist a 10.86% Return on Liabilty both figures are extremely impressive. So lets see if the strategy can get close to these figures over the 56 to 84 day trial period.

So what is Michael’s Place Lay Formula  well as the name suggests you are laying horses not to get placed, you have 8 rules to follow plus an additional 2 criterias to finalise the selection. Rules 1 to 4 can be used to give yourself an idea of what races could have potential selections in, this is a good idea as you can plan your day better. Then all the action takes place 10 minutes upto the off you have to check on graphs and follow the remaining rules,  there is a little bit of flexibility in Rules 5 and 7 providing all the other rules are met and depending on the shape of the race. So you have to be able to access the races 10 minutes before the off so that is one disadvantage but as there is evening and weekend racing i will try to give stats for them too at the end of the review. As per the 32 page PDF manual you can expect on average of 1 to 6 selections per day, although 32 pages may seem daunting the rules are covered in the first 4 pages thankfully no additional unneccessary padding, the remaining 28 pages give plenty of examples of the strategy in action. So how much is it going to cost you at the time of writing  70 pounds all but a penny, so plenty of reputation to live up to let see how Michael’ s Place Lay Formula does over a period which is normally quite tricky with the flat(turf) ending and the National Hunt proper just starting.


RM Dave

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