Odds On Ron – Introduction

Odds On Ron

21st August 2012

Sgt Colin Introduces Odds On Ron

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with my latest review for BettingSystemtruths.com.  I am going to review the Odds On Ron betting system, a horseracing system which provides rules for selecting horses to win or place in afternoon races. Published by Paul Thistlewood, Odds On Ron comes on a “pdf”, and costs £32.40 (although places are identified as limited). The advertising says that Paul will actually send his selections for 3 months, so you don’t initially have to make selections (although I will be doing).

Without giving too much away,the Odds On Ron service requires you to make selections by utilising a single bookmaker’s odds on races with up to 10 runners, placing win & place bets. The selection needs to take place prior to racing, but it is a “stop at a winner” system, using a loss recovery approach, so you will need to review results and place bets during the afternoon. I will also report on the performance of the system using level stakes (albeit on a stop at a winner basis).

As I write this, I have already been monitoring performance for 3 days.

I look forward to seeing how the system works over our trial period, which will initially be 56 days, and which may be extended to 84 days if the results are promising.

See the Odds On Ron sales page here…

Sgt Colin Introduces Odds On Ron