One Good Bet Review Introduction

Hi Bloggers

For my sins, The Commissioner has agreed that I may trial this latest Sportsworld product and 
many of you may have already received the usual promotional e-mails. My advice 
would be to resist the temptation to buy until our three month review is completed,
especially as I cannot see any money back guarantee.

This is a backing system for the Flat Season and costs £95 from Sportsworld but this 
includes access to both the daily selections phone line and the selections website. 
The author, Bernard Hibbert, of The Chester Racing Club makes a confident claim on 
the sales website:

“This method turned my modest £200 bank into £2,905
using just £20 stakes during the main 2009 Flat season
(May to September.)”

If his claims are valid, then One Good Bet has generated 135 points profit in just five
months which is an average of 27 points per month.

The system uses Bookmakers rather than Betfair and recommends placing the bets around
midday Monday to Saturday with no betting on Sundays. For the purpose of the review
I will use Bet365 as the bookmaker so that we benefit from their Best Odds Guaranteed
wherever possible. I will also use £20 as 1 point for the P/L daily and running totals and
will post daily results here.

The author says that usually there are 4-5 bets each week so I will only post when there
are bets on the day rather than constantly post “No Selections”.

As some of you may know, I am not overly impressed with Sportsworld products but 
let’s hope this one lives up to its claims! The trial starts tomorrow, Saturday May 1st.

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Sgt Jon