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Partners In Profit Introduction

June 15 2012

Sergeant Steve Introduces Partners In Profit

Hi Bloggers,

Sgt Steve here, I have previously done reviews on LTO for Sports Betting Professor and Racing Tipsters and more recently Place Bet Pro, Cricket Tipster and Golf Betting Profits. I am the guy who has been late at posting consistently but I am determined to remedy that (though not off to a flyer this time!).  Anyway, my name is Steve and I’m 42 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia.  I have been interested in betting on horses for over 20 years now and have picked up sports betting as well in the past 5 or so years. I started doing sports arbitrage full time about 6 years ago and then moved to the UK and was trading horse racing for a couple of years. Back in Australia now and am still betting in my spare time and follow a couple of systems that seem reasonably good but haven’t yet led me to the Holy Grail, betting being my source of income, which is my ultimate goal. Well my ultimate goal is to get my golf handicap into single figures but you get the gist, one thing follows another. 

On to the real  introduction, Partners In Profit NH version was originally being reviewed by Inspector Nige on LTO, regrettably he fell seriously ill at the Day 22 stage of the review and the last I heard he was in hospital so Iwish him a speedy recovery. So what is Partners In Profit? – it is run by Phil Eadie and promoted by the Betorbet website. (‘designed to improve your odds’) and is a backing system, or two actually, one that focuses on National Hunt and one for the Flat. This will be a review run in two parts, or split, with a separate focus on each medium. There is a manual for each system but the selections are available on the Partners in Profit website and a reminder email is sent everyday, which makes things reasonably simple.

I will start with a $1000 bank and be having $10 win bets on all selections, therefore a 100 point bank. The manual recommends a 50 point bank and I am only using 100 as it is standard for these reviews.

So you don’t actually have to know anything about horse racing to place these ‘winning bets’. Also there is a 100% 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with these product. The cost is £37 for the NH system and £67 for the Flat, with a daily email service £17 and £25 per month respectively.

Anyway, on with the show!

Click here to see Partners In Profit


Sergeant Steve Introduces Partners In Profit