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  1. Stephen

    Could you please provide any info on the following horse racing systems below.
    1. The both Barrels Racing System by Neil Davies

    2. The missing Link Racing System by Neil Davies

    Both are priced at £129.00 down from £197.00

    Contact [email protected]

    Kind Regards

    • Derek

      Hi Stephen
      I’m also curious about this missing link and both barrels system.
      I know there used to b a service called the missing link, which was a horse racing service scam. That’s why I am wary. However, if anyone does know could we get a review please?

  2. Richard

    Has anyone else just recieved a letter supposedly from aspire. No apologies or here is your money, just a reference to our details being given to someone else who can also scam us. I think we should get him and tear and him limb from limb, but its the new year so maybe not. Anways just updating you that he is spreading our details to other companies, be wary,

  3. phil davies

    As I thought!!!! Hughes has dissappeared.
    I hope he gets all he deserves,and believe that in the course of time he will get his just punishment for his ill-gotten gains,at the expensive of the many people who trusted him.


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