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Hi dear reader…

This is a new section on the blog, We decided not to list addresses but I have listed names that were sent to us by disgruntled punters who say they get sent emails promoting everything that is released every week on click bank.

Most say they feel that, every opportunity there is to make a commission, they get emailed about the product with an affiliate link attached by this list of money grabbing marketers.

Now please don’t confuse the matter. We have no problem in promoting other websites programs, We do it ourselves occasionally, but there are strict rules in our book.

The main point is this,   No results and no solid proof = No Joint Venture with Betting System Truths.

The service or system must come with  results, clearly available for download on the sales page, even if they are vague, because after purchase of the system or service at least you can in some cased back check the results. Ideally we would like to see a third party that the service/ebook has been proofed to Or we must proof the selections for at least 3 months personally.

This is in our book an ethical way of marketing other peoples products and what makes us happy is when people on our newsletter are happy. Its a win-win situation.

This Gambling Niche is a sensitive market to be in. You aren’t selling fruit and Veg!  You are promising people a sure fire way to make money and time and time again the products don’t cut the mustard.

Now we are not saying the names on this page are “con artists” that is not for us to say, but according to Betting System Truths readers they are names that they feel YOU should be weary of.

This list is compiled by readers and Betting System Truths holds no responsibility for the appearance of any names that appear here. Names will only be posted if at least 10 different blog readers post the name to us.

If the name has not been posted to us at least 10 times then it cannot appear here. So please if you send me a name and not enough of the blog readers agree then it will not be posted. We get so many notices per day we simply cannot reply to everyone.

Remember these are not necessarily Con Artists but they obviously do not care about what they promote to you either.  Which is evident by the amount of emails we have concerning these names.

So here we go.. Some may be duplicated!

Betting SystemS Truth – Impersonating Betting System Truths! This has now stopped after we worked with clickbank.

Benjamin Street
Josh Peters
Chris Archer
Andrew Collins
Gary Mercer
Brian Castle
Simon Fielder
Shawn Jacobs
Ian Burrows
Luke Swanson
Top Tipper
Ryan Gibbs
Betting Master
Chris Fenton
David Reed
Mitch Williamson
Ben Quentin
Betting System Reviews
Robert Hessener
Peter White
Ian Sloane
Dexter Maitland
Carl Davies
Brian Castle
Betting Reviews Team
Betting SWR
Bookie Robbery-Jon
Bookies Secret
Carl Davis
Chris (Free Betting Tips)
Daniel Soulsby
Duane Robbins
Daytime Tipster
Earl Morgan
Easy Trader Pro-Chris
Iain Lewington
Ian Russell
Info UK Ltd
Jack MacFarlane
James Buswell
Jamie Kelly
John Anthony
Keiron Goldberg
Mark Pearson
Mike Brown
Particia Hanet
Peter White
Recession Better-Michael
Richard Taylor
Robert Bank
Shawn Jacobs
Stuart Thomas
Stu-Betting Guide

Considering all the names above, we have had at least 10 emails about each name sent from blog readers basically saying they receive sales letters on all product releases that launch usually on a Tuesday and usually priced at £27 , £37, £47, £57 etc.

These people are regarded by blog readers as “marketers only interested in the money they can make from a product” and not on If it works and is tested to work long-term. Which in our view is the most important thing.

It is true that you can test the hell out of a system for months only for it to fail when going live. We understand that, It has happened to us, but it doesn’t subtract from the fact that things should be heavily tested and proofed before it is sold.

Maybe that is just our deluded opinion, but it is one a lot of readers also share…


Betting System Truths Team


  1. James

    I think this page needs to start getting updated again!

  2. Brian cee

    Hello to all and a belated Happy Easter , I m fairly new to the online betting game and have been caught out a few times in the past . Not too heavy but its bad enough losing money to the bookies. I have notice a e-book offer on lay the odds site called 500 a week from Betfair and the name of the author is Iain , now Im wondering is this gentleman reliable and trustworthy , or is he another marketing promoted who doesnt care what he offers. I hope not . I enjoy BST and thank you

  3. wilson

    Has any one heard of Simon Foreman and Bookie buster?He claims,can send
    you his money to place bets for him but first you must send him 95 pounds!
    Then he promises to make you 50 grand a year!Please help.

  4. Tony F.

    Hi Guys. Just joined – what an interestign site. Everey punter needs this. Has anyone any news/views on THE MERCILESS BARRAGE system ? I have received a mailing for it. I remember it being advertised in the 1960s. in The Investor Mag.
    Any info would be appreciated.

  5. Worried BST Reader!

    Scott Colton has got some cheek! He is the Owner of the Psychic brand. BST reviewed Scotts products independantly and honestly for longer than they usually review other products and they failed miserably. In my opinion Scott has a massive bee in his bonnet over this.

    In my opinion Scott has tried to join the betting system review site bandwagon.

    In my opinion I believe he is offering many many short free trials to his readers and in my opinion it is in the view that hopefully one of them will at least do ok.

    Like the old saying goes “Throw enough S**t at the wall and eventually some of it will stick”

    Which in my opinion has been the case recently for scott

    This is when Scott “In my opinion” pounces and charges you a monthly fee. In my opinion Scott seems to have a love affair with BST, an obsession and cannot help himself dropping snidy libelous comments about BST in his email broadcasts of which I am a member so that I can laugh at his manner….

    I remember BST told me via private email that they almost got suckered into helping Scott with his terrible psychic systems but had a lucky escape as they thought there was something not quite right about him at the time that they couldnt put their finger on. Unfortunately friends of BST helped Scott and have regretted it ever since. Paypal severely restriciting their paypal account supposedly because of the refund requests! And lack of customer support.

    I have personally reported Scott to watchdog and trading standards but, with how this country is, I’m unlikely to get any replies back but its worth a shot. The difference here is I have a name and address for Scott which is something I do not have for the other people appearing on the scammers and peddlers pages. In my opinion Scott is an up and coming wannabe marketer using the TRUST involved with Betting System Reviews sites like BST to make a killing off his fortunately small list. And for the last time in summary… “In My Opinion” you should Beware of Scott Colton! Regards… A N Other…

  6. Tony

    Hi All

    Just to give you a little demonstration of the power of this website! I posted this article about Benjamin Street and then sent him a copy of the link. Within minutes I had received a full refund! Enough said!

    I ma not sure why I had to go to these lengths to get the refund, but that’s life.



  7. Tony Ryan

    Just a quick note to warn you about a ‘system’ from Benjamin Street under the company name of INFO UK which is called The Daily Paper System. It claims:

    “This is your chance – the last chance you will have to get this system at just 5% of the price it will be tomorrow.”

    The system only costs £10 so hardly involves a huge layout. I did not believe for one moment that it was worth £200 (if £10 =5% then 100% = £200) but expected a little more than what I received. There is an 11 page pdf ‘manual’ that spends the first ten and a half pages explaining what a bet is, what betfair is and all the usual guff and filler that these manuals usually have in them – just far worse than normal in this case!

    Within about 10 minutes of opening the manual, I realised what a pile of pants it all was and wrote to Benjamin saying:

    “I just bought this and to be honest, I feel that it is a complete waste of money. The 11 page ‘manual’ actually contains ten pages of filler and one or two paragraphs about the system that starts at the end of page 10.

    Some of your other material has been great, but this one really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. If you really believe that you could sell this for £200 (if £10 is the 95% off price then £200 must be the 100% price) you should seek help! I only paid £10 and feel that it is a rip-off at that price. Harsh words, but that is how I feel.

    I should be grateful for a refund of the money, as I feel that this falls way below your usual standards and actually will undermine your credibility, if any serious punter makes the same mistake as I did.”

    I have since emailed Benjamin 3 times within a week, but he has not responded to any of my messages.

    I am not really that concerned about the £10, more that somebody can pump out such crap and get away with it! It is my own stupid fault for not noticing that there was no money back guarantee or similar, but for a tenner it was not a key component of my buying decision!

    Here are some of the other claims that he put in his emails:

    “Consider this – if you make just a fraction of the profit on offer
    through this system, it will have repayed the tiny fee many times over. This is your chance – the last chance you will have to get this
    system at just 5% of the price it will be tomorrow.

    Why are we doing this? We are doing this due to the incredible feedback from buyers literally begging us to put the price up. (Yes, it is that powerful)

    That’s why you must go there by the end of today…Daily Paper
    System…before the price goes up.”

    Surprise, surprise, when you click on the link now, there is no web page there. Is that because the system has really increased in price to £200? I leave you to decide for yourselves, but the Info UK web page makes no mention of it at all. I don’t live very far from the address where they claim to operate from, so will go and pay them a visit soon to see if they really are there….. and I might just take my video camera with me.

    Watch this space…..



    • Sgt Jon

      and a baseball bat, couple of rotweilers…?


  8. Bunny Newman

    what can you tell me about Daniel Henderson who phoned to give me a bet and told me to put £200. on it and it lost but he assured me he was so confident it would win that he’d refund the £200. if it didn’t.No refund has been made to me and his Nottingham phone no. says”the person has hung up”, this is the same whatever time of day or night I ring the no.I realise I should never have taken his word, but the money went to Stan James not him, so how does he gain from it?

  9. Betting System Guru

    This List has been updated with more names and also the site impersonating betting system truths.

  10. brian eudall

    know anything about RACING SYNERGY?

  11. Sgt Philip

    Hi Guys

    Just a quick note about “Sports Bet Winner” which has been touted around by e-mail over the last couple of weeks – not sure who the author is as I have never heard of “Luke Sawanson” myself. However ,the previous version of this e-book was called “Betfair Legend” and was promoted in November 2009. The author of Betfair Legend was Ryan Gibbs and the new book is exactly same the same format word for word! I wonder if they are breaking their own copyright laws??

    I think you can all guess my advice!!

    • The Commissioner

      Hi Phillip thanks for this warning. I will put up a warning about this mate on the front page.

      Are you receiving my emails mate?

    • The Commissioner

      Phillip I have replied to your last email and it seems your not getting any emails from me directly. I will try again from a new address.

  12. Diane

    Yes it was a one day scam. I was persuaded to put a £800 bet on for this guy using my debit card with Bet365. He even gve me their number to ring.
    He said I was acting as an agent or him for which he would pay commission as well as returning my money immediately should the horse lose, which he was confident it wouldn’t. However the horse lost. He then tried to coerce me into placing another bet. I refused until he paid me my money back. He put the phone down on me and that was the last I heard from him. I have since realised that the phone number is a mobile no. written to look like a landline and that Vintage Bloodstock agency does not exist. So the only winners here are Bet365.

  13. Diane

    Yes it was a one day scam. I was persuaded to bet £800 of my own money using debit card wth Bet365. He even gave me their telephone number.
    He promised if the horse lost that my money would be refunded immediately as they wanted me to work as an agent for them for which I would receive a monthly commission. The horse lost. He then ordered me to make another bet immediately. I refused until he repaid the money he already owed me. He put the phone down and that was the last I heard of him or my money. I have since dicovered that Bloodstock agency does not exist and the phone no. was a mobile written to look like a landline at first glance. It was a con and the only winners are Bet365.

  14. John

    Hi Raz, Ihad a no financial risk letter from Vintage Bloodstock Agency
    sounds familiar to me, when contacted i told them i had no money he then asked if i could get an overdraft, i said i did not want one he said he would get back to me. Still waiting sounds dodgy to me.

  15. Terry Warrington

    good morning James. Last evening i received an e-mail from Paypal informing me that Wes Malin has approved a dull refund against his Zoetic Red Hot system.I told you it is sometimes better to be thick(like me) and just press on until something happens.
    PS In future if a product is available only through Paypal I would rather do without it.

  16. petter

    I get loads off promo emails about this frontline lay system but if you search other system review sites they really dont seem to like mister Ross Turner at all!
    Secret betting club,cash master blog etc!

    • The Commissioner

      Hi Petter I run a review site I send tons of free stuff out all the time, and its not just free harddrive wasting stuff either, I also send out a lot of scam warnings and get emails all the time stating that Ive saved peole hundreds of pounds. On the other hand I have people on forums and other review sites saying I am the scammer when i am simply not. Its all hearsay in my opinion.

      I know Ross and he is also not a 1 man outfit they are a company. They are registered even with company house. I work with them daily on projects in other niches and he is not a scam artist. Whatever was said about him in the past I have read it all and I think I know Ross well enough to know when he tells me what really happened, I believe he is telling the truth. Any other story you hear about Ross and Frontline on the internet is hearsay and so far from the truth its actually scary how off the ball they become and I blame the forums personally there is a lot of good people on them but it is also home to pondlife and punters with sour grapes.

      Betting System Truths has promoted the FL software application. I did state though that the actual systems that come with it are untested and they are not being approved or disapproved. The software is the key for me its the ultimate form reading device and you can run almost any system through it.



  17. Raz

    Anybody tried NO FINANCIAL RISK by Purple Moon bloodstock Agency

  18. The Commissioner

    Steve is just sending an email out for this one as an affiliate. The software is not his. We usually look into software on the blog and give it a mark out of 5 stars but this ones comes with its own inbuilt system so it would qualify for at least a 56 day review, and then 84 days if we thought it was any good…

    Theres no way I would put my name to a piece of software without it being tested fully. If Steve is promoting it, he may have gone to some lengths to prove it works but I havent seen him document it anywhere yet.

  19. Colin

    Does anyone know of Steven Davidson and Laying Profits Software?
    Interesting method but I cannot see the relevance of some of the factors used.

  20. dennis sullivan

    Anybody tried “The Magic Box” system, a mail order firm from Empire Press in New Jersey? A horse racing system for $74.95, by mail only, no Internet seller. Thanks


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