Picking Donkeys Introduction

14th October 2013

 Picking Donkeys

Sgt AdrianC – Introduces Picking Donkeys

Picking Donkkeys, on their web site, offer 2 lay services: the Premium Service and the Ultimate Service.  One can download historic results from the web site.  On a first look, the Ultimate services offers more suggestions than the premium service.

Here is the price on October 14th 2013

Premium Service £19.95 + VAT 

Ultimate Service £29.95 + VAT 


and the historic results suggest that I can use £10 to start reviewing


 Here is what can be found on the web site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Premium Service & The Ultimate Service?

Although the selections are picked in different ways and follow different methods the main difference between each service is the number of lay bets that are provided each month. The Ultimate Service averages 2-3 more selections over the month.

What is the Required Starting Bank? 

We recommend a starting bank of 100pts on either service and then 1pt lays. 

What are the Average Laying Odds? 

The average laying odds are around 6.9 which means with a £10 lay, you will have a liability of £59.00. 

What is the Longest Losing Run on Each Service? 

The longest losing run on both services is just 3 and this has only happened the once on both services. 

What is the Longest Winning Run on Each Service? 

The longest winning run on the premium service was 55 and the longest winning run on the ultimate service was 62.

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** Note, James had an e-mail from Picking Donkeys that  there is an error on the website about the number of selections 

“With regards to the number of bets we provide monthly, that needs updating. It’s a bit misleading and I’d say that the premium service is looking at more like 100 lays a month and the ultimate service is closer to 150.”


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt AdrianC Introduces Picking Donkeys